There are circumstances in which we are forced to stay strong and be patient. Alzheimer's is one of those circumstances. In our generation today, Alzheimer's is slowly climbing its way up to the deadliest diseases list. Thousands of people are dying each year, while millions are suffering from it. It is an inevitable end.

Have you ever imagined yourself suffering from a deadly disease? Specifically Alzheimer's? If not, then have you ever imagined yourself taking care of someone who has Alzheimer's? When we look at other people who are taking care of someone who has Alzheimer's, our first action would be to pity them; we would feel sorry for them for having such a misfortune.

In some cases, people would usually leave their loved ones in institutions such as elderly care in Houston, TX. It's not all rainbows and unicorns, but that doesn't mean that we have to give up on them halfway.

They Haven't Forgotten About Us

Have you ever seen a stranger and thought to yourself how familiar their face is to you? Doesn't it frustrate you a lot? Well, Alzheimer's is just like that. Sure, they've forgotten a lot of things, but deep inside their minds, there's still a bit of remembrance there left for you.

So if ever you feel frustrated when a loved one doesn't remember you, don't get mad at them. It's natural for someone who has Alzheimer's. Instead, try to bond with them and create new memories for them to remember you.

They Remember Photos or Special Remnants

When you've come across an old photograph, doesn't it make it you reminisce the good old days? When you've come across a decade-old necklace, doesn't it leave you nostalgic for the memories that came with it?

Sometimes, when people see photographs or special remnants of theirs, they surprisingly tend to remember things of which they didn't know are still in their minds.

For people with Alzheimer's, there is still a chance of them remembering something and most of the time that certain something is already way back in the past. Just like us, they tend to forget last the memories which are most precious to them.

So if ever you want to toggle up a loved one's memory, then show them an old photograph or a toy from their childhood. It might just trigger something from their minds.

As Family, We Should Never Give Up On Them

The Alzheimer's disease grows worse by the day. In the early stages, a particular person might forget about a thing or two, the next stage she would probably start forgetting about certain people, and then the next they would probably forget how to do certain things until all there is left is nothing.


Most people would grow frustrated when taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer's but think about it if it's hard for us, it's surely a lot harder for them. Millions of people are suffering from Alzheimer's right now.

And unlike the common deadly diseases, Alzheimer's is a secret killer. Taking care of someone with Alzheimer's is like saying a one-sided wedding vow, never give up on them for better or for worse. The only thing that's left to do is be patient and just be there for them through thick and thin.

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Rachel Minahan is a blogger who loves writing about health and lifestyle. She is an aspiring nurse which is why she loves reading books about anatomy and physiology. When not writing or studying, Rachel plays badminton.