Many people cook in their ovens and are used to the hard cleaning which comes after. They are so used to it, that they consider it a waste to even try to prevent some of the spills, which occur while cooking. It turns out that there are many ways you can prevent most, if not all of them. Professional oven users would like to share some of the tricks of trade with you, so that you can bear the cooking better.

So first of all, when you are cooking something solid, which has almost none fluids, like a roasted chicken, you are probably aware, that juices from the cooking still leak out of it. Most people say: “what the hell – I'll clean the oven after”, many never actually do. So why do you have to clean it at all, if you can prevent those juices from sipping into the oven's belly ? You can put a deeper pen beneath the chicken, or a large sheet of aluminium foil, bend its edges to the top, to prevent the juices from leaking. Which is more, you will be able to collect those juices and use them on the chicken – if you constantly brush them on the chicken's back, you will get a nice brown and crispy skin for it.

Oven cleaning will be a much easier thing to do, if you get larger pans, when frying something which may leak. Yes, smaller pans may work as well, but if you get a larger one it won't affect the taste, but make your job much easier. I'm not saying that you have to get a bathtub inside, bit why not buy yourself a deeper frying pan, for your favourite meals, which cause the most devastation after cooking and use it ? Oven cleaners Oxford say that this is probably the one easiest thing you can do !

If the spills are a major issue for you, you can always go for a more drastic solution – get a self cleaning oven. Self cleaning ovens hardly need any effort to clean. Basically, they burn down the leftovers by heating extremely high. This leaves behind a few small piles of ash, which you can easily remove by a cloth. That's it ! You won't have to call oven cleaning Oxford even ! This is one solution that wasn't available to your forefathers and so why not use it ? Especially when you have better things to do with your free time.

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