How To Convince Your Ex To Sleep With You: Sleeping With An Ex You Still Love

We all have many different feelings and expectations when it comes to sex. Many of them are unrealistic and can do more to negatively impact our lives than they should. Do you think that sex will help you get your ex back? That sex is purely an expression of love and affection? Some people claim to feel this way, but they may have missed the point. I'd like to show a different side of the story here.

People have sex all the time, with any number of people, for any number of reasons - most of them have nothing to do with love and commitment. Having sex is nothing special - though, of course it can be - it is something that we all do. We will fight with our partner and then follow this with sex. Is this love? Some people have one-night stands. Is this love? People even force their way on others and I think we can all agree that this is not done out of love or affection. While love and affection may be part of sex for some people, it is not universal and does not mean your partner feels the same way about sex as you do.

Sex is a natural bodily response and it can be dangerous to relationships and even one's self-esteem to attach a significant amount of importance to the act of having sex. Does having sex with your ex increase your chances of getting them back? No. You are giving them what they want without any attachments. They will not automatically begin to love you again because you have sex with them and they might not even give the episode a second thought.

Sex with an ex can end horribly. While you might see it as a way to get your ex back, they see it as a way to, well, have sex. This could leave you heartbroken and your self-esteem in tatters, not to mention it doesn't do much for getting your ex to take you seriously. A relationship gone sour is not going to be repaired by a simple night of pleasure. Using sex is NOT a good way of getting your ex back.

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You've spent endless nights on the phone telling one another how much you're in love with each other. Then one day it all just falls apart. You and the love of your life have called it quits, and not only that you don't talk to each other anymore. It can be unbearable trying to get used to not hearing their voice. Well if this is your situation then the following tips can be just the things that will drive your ex contact you again.

Learn to leave them alone...Trying too hard will never work

Give it some time. Don't pressurize them to speak to you. In your effort to win them over; you may in fact, push them even father away.

Text messages

In this technology driven age you can leave someone a text message. Why not leave them a message that says you really need to discuss some important things. They may reply back.

Don't Worry Be Happy

Try not to dwell on the lack of conversation between the two of you. Worrying about it can only make you feel worse, and it won't make them talk to you any quicker, so calm down.

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I need closure

Leave them a voice mail message that states all you need is to clear certain things between you both. Let them know that you feel there are still some words that needed to be said.

Let me be the first

Why not take a leap of faith and call them first. You may feel that this is absurd, but it may be just what you need to do to break the ice.

Talk to there friends

If you feel that you are at the end of your rope you can always ask for help from your friends. Let them know that you need them to relay a very important message to your ex. If they get the job done right, your ex will respond very quickly.

Get back into the dating game

Go out on a date and enjoy yourself. When you ex gets the news of you seeing someone else they will get jealous and would want to discuss who this new person in your life is. Another thing that is even better is you could take your date to a place where you know you ex goes regularly, if you run into them there then it is a definite bet that they will try to contact you.

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When a relationship ends, apart from feeling really angry with each other and also very hurt at things that were said, the couple are usually awkward with each other for a while as well. This can sometimes make you a little hesitant as to whether or not you should try to get your ex back. However, there are definite signs that your ex wants you back, and if you notice them, they make your goal of getting back together again that much easier.

Of course, your ex might very well be trying to make contact with you constantly, but this isn't necessarily a sign that your ex wants you back again. This happens right after a break up, when emotions are running high and people aren't thinking clearly.

First, take a few days to get over these overwhelming feelings that you have inside you - they are clouding your thoughts. Once these feelings have subsided, then start looking for those signs that your ex wants you back.

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A perfect example is when your ex pitches up wherever you are - all the time. When you think about it, your ex is probably finding out from your friends what you'll be doing, and makes a point of being in that same place, just to see you from a distance.

When your ex realizes that you won't answer his/her calls, you will constantly find text messages on your phone, as well as emails from your ex, telling you that you have left something at his/her home, and would you like to fetch it, or should your ex drop it off. Again, this is just a way for your ex to get a chance to speak to you, and is a sign that your ex wants you back.

Another sure sign that your ex wants you back is by what you hear from your friends. Your ex will no doubt tell your friends just how heartbroken he/she is about the break up, and will do almost anything in order to get you back again. Now that you have all these positive signs that your ex wants you back, the decision rests with you as to what you should do about it.

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If you are still without any logical plan for winning your ex back, this could well turn out to be a blessing in disguise. It's better to have a blank mind than to fill it with the wrong ideas. The biggest mystery that will be surrounding the situation, from your perspective, is how your ex will receive you after the break up.

Let's face it, a break up isn't an event that calls for celebrations so naturally your ex will be very disconcerted and may even try to avoid you. Such an attitude simply signifies that your ex hasn't gotten over the break up yet, and a reunion is not on the cards at least for now.

How about making an unexpected yet very effective move? Rather than making desperate attempts to save your relationship with you ex, just ring him/her up saying that you're grateful for all those memorable moments that came in your life just because of your ex and then bid farewell with best wishes for your ex. Your ex partner will be amazed at your indifference towards him/her and would be wondering what caused you to change so dramatically.

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The same plan can also be implemented in a different way. Call your ex and inform him/her that you've made arrangements for them to pick up their stuff from your home on a certain date. This will give a clear signal that you have decided to move forward in life and that you're not much of a mourner after a break up!

Letting your ex spend some time alone also plays a vital role in fixing a broken relationship. Often partners need a break after living together for months, and perhaps your ex called the break up because he/she was looking for new reasons to live with you.

However, you can be rest assured that sooner or later your ex will sense that he/she has to make a decision quickly about getting back to you or else you might be gone forever. If you play your hand well and allow enough time and space to your ex partner, he/she will soon succumb to your love and return to you.

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