All we know that the most important thing for our site to succeed and generate more visits is to create unique content, quality and optimized for search engines. At no time did we leave out the design and image of it because it gives confidence and improves their presence. Now let's try to take a step further and give a few tips to help you convert your blog's audience in money through advertising.

Nobody gets rich monetizing a blog
This statement may sound too strong but in general it is the reality. Perhaps with the only difference that now and then, one million blogs have an unstoppable success and retire to their creator, but usually that does not happen and turn your audience into cash is an arduous task.

It is very important to be clear that no one gets rich monetizing a blog and if we become first-time bloggers should do so as a hobby and fun, and maybe the next steps are to look beyond the hobby and fun.

Interest-based advertising: Google Adsense
This is the quick and simple option of choice for many bloggers to monetize your site. To get started we just create an account free of ads and can choose from a wide list and to fit the contents of our blog and insert using the HTML code we provide Adsense.

From here one can only hope that visitors to our blog please click on the ads and we report this income, very little revenue for each click you receive. Google Adsense only show ads related to the topic of your blog so advertising will be more relevant. There are alternatives to Adsense.

Advertising textual or "In Text"
This type of advertising is to insert links in articles already created your blog or site. To perform this type of advertising there are several companies that offer these services, for example Infolinks, HotWords, Smowtion, CPX, Adverblogs, adnetwork or LinkLift . They publication systems to convert the audience of your blog into money. Revenues from this method will depend largely on the ranking of our blog and the number of visits generated. Certain words are underlined and include access to the listings.

After the time is better option and look for other options if we are fortunate to become a blog of some relevance, revenue negotiate such a different way.

Affiliate Marketing

The last of the options that we use is affiliate marketing. Although this industry takes more than ten years in Spain is still in growth phase. Affiliate programs are to make your site a platform for third announcer. Your job as an affiliate will place their banners and they will report you a percentage of sales or a fixed income for every click on the banner to put. You can receive compensation from advertisers as the results obtained: CPL (cost per lead) or CPA (cost per acquisition).

Sounding freely
Get some economic benefit from the creation of a blog never hurts but it is important not to forget that to get grow and make money with a blog is necessary to create and offer interesting content that can attract your visitors. Without interesting content and no visitors, no advertising revenue.

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