Many of our students talk about how they have large numbers of prospects who sign up for preview calls but tend to not register for the bigger program. Business owners wonder if there is a way to convert prospects like this into paying clients. Here’s what we recommend:

1. Do a Little Research. You may want to do a little research to see what, if anything is keeping people from signing up. Make a few phone calls to people who attended the preview and offer a get acquainted session. (Not too many calls, as this is a time consuming task.) During that call, you can ask why they haven’t signed up for anything. You may discover a theme running through the few calls you make. Or you might find out these prospects just don’t invest in themselves or their businesses. This can be a valuable exercise to collect some needed feedback.

2. Send a Post Call Invitation. You can send attendees an email invitation by autoresponder to schedule a get acquainted call. This way, the people who are interested will get in touch with you.

You could say something like, “I appreciate that you’ve been on the last two teleclasses and I’m sure you received a lot of value. I’d love to see how I can best help you. I noticed for some reason you decided not to move forward with my program. Perhaps a one-on-one conversation could help me understand how I can help you achieve your goals.”

Be very authentic with this offer and the copy you write if you want to attract clients. Those who feel drawn to talk about the program and get your help will contact you.

If you end up feeling overwhelmed with all the get acquainted calls, you can add another step between the autoresponder and the call to screen them a bit more. Ask a question about their business or find out what they are looking for. The ones who are not serious will weed themselves out which will help you focus on those who are truly interested.

Your Assignment:
When you give a lot of value for free, remember you are also give people a taste of what it’s like to work with you. While some prospects will take advantage of every free program you do and never sign up, others will eventually become clients. The preview classes are a way to attract clients by pulling them into your marketing funnel.

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