Are you manipulated, controlled, harassed, or assaulted in some way and can't figure out how you got there? or how to get out? This is abuse.Sometimes the abuser may try to make you feel as if you deserved to be treated this way. Don't let this happen.
This is brainwashing.What are some of these actions of abuse?They include put downs, outbursts, humiliating remarks, lies, "gaslighting", rages, assaults, yelling, intimidation, threats, belittling, betrayals, judging and criticizing.Your reaction can be a mixture of rage, fear, timidity or confusion.

HOW CAN I STOP THE MANIPULATOR?You can change your behavior and your reactions. It takes two to make the manipulation work. If you empower yourself to change, you can stop the manipulation.HOW DO I EMPOWER MYSELF?You already have! Here you are gaining information.

That's the key to change. Learning to recognize the manipulators and their tactics is the first step. Learning what your The Classic SNES Controller Is Now Available For Nintendo Switch personal attributes are that makes you vulnerable to manipulation and understanding manipulation techniques and how to respond is the next step.IS THERE A WAY OUT?Of course.

The cycle of control can be broken and you can learn what the methods are to do this. Learning how "boundaries" work is one step.

Finding the right words to respond to a manipulator is another. Learning that you have power and how to use it is going to help you out of the depression of the abused.

Action is the antidote to depression, but act with knowledge and help. Gaining control of your life is your right. Exercise it.

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