How To Control My Panic Attacks: How To Calm Yourself From A Panic Attack

When you have an anxiety disorder, one of the toughest things you will ever attempt to do is to learn how to effectively control anxiety attacks.

As well as one of the toughest things to learn to do, it's also one of the most important. If you can learn to control anxiety attacks quickly and naturally, your quality of life will skyrocket, and your chances of completely overcoming your anxiety-related problems will increase dramatically.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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To get a better understanding of how you might be able to control anxiety attacks, ask yourself the following 3 questions:

1. What Causes My Attacks?

Start paying close attention to what happens, or what you're doing, right before an attack strikes. Look for patterns or behaviours that are common right before they strike and you'll soon spot things you can avoid or bypass.

2. What Calms Me During Attacks?

Start paying attention to what helps you to return to calm during attacks. All attacks end at some point, so try to look for things you do to make them end. If you can spot what makes your attacks stop, you've just found yourself some incredibly powerful weapons to fight off anxiety.

3. What's My Long-Term Plan To Control Anxiety Attacks?

Take everything you learn from asking yourself questions 1 and 2 and turn the results into a long-term plan of attack.

Look for ways you can combine both approaches to achieve maximum results. When you can effectively combine ways to prevent your attacks with ways to end attacks that happen, you're in a wonderful position of being able to control anxiety attacks with very little effort.

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How to cure anxiety attacks is the holy grail of all anxiety attack victims. Millions of sufferers around the world put up with the psychological and physical symptoms of anxiety and anxiety attacks on a daily basis, simply because their medications and / or other therapies just aren't working for them. Here, you'll discover why, and, what you need to do to cure your anxiety attacks (panic attacks) naturally.

In considering how to cure anxiety attacks, the first thing to do is to consult your doctor. They will make a proper diagnosis and assign treatment. This will most probably be drug-based medication. In some cases they may prescribe both medication and some other non-drug therapy such as psychotherapy or counselling, even acupuncture.

But the key element in figuring out how to cure anxiety attacks is your 'fear' of those attacks. The symptoms of an attack are so bad that you're constantly frightened of having another one. This 'fear' is holding back your cure, because it builds on your already heightened anxiety levels. What then happens is that a fairly normal everyday stressful situation can push your anxiety levels 'over the top' thus causing another anxiety / panic attack.

Your fear of another then adds again to your even higher anxiety levels, so that another stressful event will trigger another attack, and so on, and so on. It is a vicious cycle of anxiety that you need to break out of in order to cure your anxiety / panic attacks.

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Now your drug-based medication is used to control your mood and keep you calm, whilst your other therapies just try to teach you how to cope with anxiety and panic attacks. None of the two of them can actually get rid of your 'fear' of having an attack. Only you can do that. And remember it's that fear that is holding your cure for anxiety attacks back. Unless you get rid of your fear, even with medication, you're likely to relapse once you come off them.

So let's look at how to cure anxiety attacks by eliminating your fear of one. There are techniques available that can help you do this; too many to describe in this short report. But I can describe the fundamentals of one such technique...

The critical issue on how to cure anxiety attacks by eliminating your 'fear' is to meet head-on, or even encourage, an attack. By facing up to your fear you're effectively saying to yourself that you aren't afraid anymore and so are diffusing your fear.

Do this for me now; try to bring on an anxiety / panic attack. Go on, try your hardest to trigger an attack right this minute. Remember, as an anxiety sufferer, you already have higher than normal levels of anxiety, so it should be quite easy for you to evoke an attack. But you can't can you? You can't because you've met your fear of an attack head on simply by trying to have one. And so you have helped 'diffuse' your fear. This is the key to your cure.

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The 'art of gratitude' is a great technique for managing your anxiety. A continuous cycle of anxious thinking leads to anxiety sufferers feeling 'disconnected' from the world around them. Drugs can't remedy this, so the art of gratitude can be an important self-help anxiety management tool as part of your overall recovery plan. Here, you'll learn what it is and how to use it.

Folks with anxiety live in a different world almost to people without general anxiety. Because they are continually aware of their condition and continually internalizing everything, they can feel cut-off from 'normal' everyday life. They spend a good deal of each day mentally 'querying' how they are feeling; if they are feeling edgy, or, are they perhaps feeling a bit more confident, or, are they putting themselves in a position where they might have another frightening anxiety attack, etc.

The result of all of this is a cycle of anxious thinking and fear that perpetuates their general anxiety. What this means is that their mind isn't always as clear as it should be and so they look at their world from an 'anxious' perspective. This prevents them from experiencing the good things in and around their lives. They need to be able to move away from this 'anxious' thinking, where they concentrate nearly all their efforts on their mental anxiety, to a place where they can once again enjoy all that is good in their lives.

One way to do this is to switch your focus from your 'head' to your 'heart'. By switching attention from your head to your heart, you'll be able to dissipate your anxious thoughts and clear your mind. But how can you make that switch?...

There is a scientifically proven 'technique' that, when practised, can help you make the switch from your head to your heart. It is called 'the art of gratitude' and has been proven to alter your body's chemistry in such a way that it leads to a more peaceful mind and body. Tests have shown that it can improve stress and individual performance.

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Here's the basics of how the art of gratitude works as a self help anxiety management tool...

1 - You start off by closing your eyes and then thinking about your heart. Move your centre of attention to your heart.

2 - Then imagine a lovely feeling of warmth coming from your heart. Keep on imagining this for a couple of minutes. Put your hand over your heart to help you focus there if you wish.

3 - Then start to think about something or someone in your life that you really (I mean 'really') feel an appreciation for; that you feel so 'grateful' for. It has to be genuine appreciation, because the greater the appreciation, the more you'll be able to feel and experience the warm sensation emanating from your heart.

4 - At this point you should be able to experience a positive change in your emotional state. You might even find yourself smiling again. Keep it going for as long as you can. There is no fixed rule. The objective is to get your awareness from your anxious thoughts into your body by establishing a link between your mind and your heart.

You will need to practice this technique, but each time you'll improve in it's use. Practice it daily, wherever you're alone. Once you become proficient you'll be able to make the switch in seconds. And the beauty of this technique is that you can use it whenever you feel caught up in a stressful situation to relieve the stress very quickly.

By sticking with this daily exercise you should see important improvements in the quality of your life and relationships.

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Anxiety symptoms mock the symptoms of many common ailments. It is very common for a person having an anxiety attack to go to the emergency room complaining of chest pains and/or shortness of breath. Of course, you must seek a medical professional when these types of symptoms occur.

While abnormal amounts of palpations or "missed heartbeats" will cause a doctor to check for heart conditions, such as mitral valve problems, these symptoms may also be brought on by anxiety attacks. Still, until you know what is behind these symptoms, you should get a check up if they occur as well.

There are other symptoms anxiety can cause in adults and children alike. These include diarrhea, nausea, muscle tightness, trembling, twitching, aching, sweating, and excessive urination. It is absolutely necessary to get any symptoms you may have checked out by a medical professional because sometimes even the most innocent sounding malaises can have an underlying cause that should be taken care of quickly.

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Sometimes symptoms such as those above will be caused by anxiety. At this point in an anxiety diagnoses, the medical practitioner will have to know about your background, medical history and your family history so he or she will be able to properly diagnose whether the problem is anxiety or another condition.

It is very important to tell the medical practitioners of any tobacco use, alcohol use and exactly how much is used. It is also very important to talk to them about the use of recreational drugs, like marijuana. Hiding something from a medical professional will only make his or her job more difficult and increase the chance of misdiagnoses.

If it looks like anxiety is the underlying cause for any symptoms you have had, there are tests that will be used to pin down the nature, severity and cause of your anxiety. Some of the tests that may be used include:

· Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale.
· Penn State Worry Questionnaire
· Beck Anxiety Inventory
· Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale

Anxiety is no walk in the park but it can be dealt with and it is certainly good to know exactly what has been bothering you. Medication may be needed as, at least a temporary measure toward the cure. Also learning the nature of how the nervous system works and practicing relaxation can help bring about an end to the anxious condition.

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