How to control diabetes naturally
Diabetes or Madhumeha or generally known as increase of Sugar level in blood. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that occurs when our blood glucose or sugar is too high compared to normal level.
Blood glucose is your main source of energy and which comes from food whatever we eat. Here insulin, a hormone made by the pancreas, which helps the glucose from food to reach into our cells which can be used in producing energy to our body. Sometimes this insulin cannot reach to cells or cannot use insulin properly. Then the glucose of food stays in our blood and does not reach to our cells.

Glucose is one source of energy of our body, if we are not getting this energy properly or not reaching to cells which make our mussels and tissues, it effects on mind and body. So like this having too much glucose in our blood can cause diabetes and you become a diabetic patient.
What are the types of diabetes???
There are 3 types of diabetes
Type1----in this category of diabetes the body does not produce insulin and it is due to genetic, environmental and auto immune factor which we can’t prevent.
Type2----in this category of diabetes the body doesn't produce insulin, or if produced also it doesn’t react to the insulin and it is due to lifestyle, aging, genetic it can be prevented with the help of healthy lifestyle mainly including sensible eating and exercise.
And type 3 ---which Increases risk of Alzheimer's disease where resistance to insulin in the brain and one more condition gestational diabetes which comes in pregnancy due to the weight problem.
After knowing about diabetes and about diabetes patients we may have curiosity to know that how do we get the diabetes problem?

Reason for becoming a diabetic patient
This diabetes is caused and mainly depends on the factors like genetic, family history, surrounding and our food.
• Genetic and family history if in our family any members have or had this health issue, we may have chance of getting this diabetes.
Obesity or extra weight problem, if we start to put on weight this extra fat which helps in collecting the glucose in our blood only.
• People who have high blood pressure and cholesterol have chances to get this diabetes problem
• Lifestyle where we don’t have a practice of daily or regular exercise
• Sleeping too much or too less may cause diabetes
• Leading a stress full life may lead to chances of getting diabetes
What are the symptoms of diabetes problem?
The symptoms are depending on how much sugar is collected in your blood
• Feeling thirsty always
• Feeling hungry always
• Frequent urination
• Feeling restless always
• Eye sight problem
• Slow healing of any wound sores
• Easily get to infect skin, gums, etc.
What are the health problems we need to face if we are diabetic patient?
• People who have diabetes have long term health issues
• Eye problems like blurred vision, watery eye, and loss of eyesight
• Heart problems like strokes, breathing problem, etc.
• Kidney problem like frequent urination
• Most common slow healing of sores
• Skin problems like easily get a skin infection
• Hearing impairment
Here we get to know the reasons and the problems for how we do get diabetes and the problems we have to face after having diabetes. But some of the things are not in our control like type 1 where we can’t take precautions only we can control the diabetic level. But more of the things are in our hand to have a distance with diabetes.
What are the precautions we need to take to stay away from diabetes?
• Try to cut out the sugar and carb containing food from your diet
• Work out or exercise regularly
• Put off weight if you are overweight
• Drink plenty of water
• Quit bad habits like smoking, drinking
• Avoid more inactive activity, for example, continuous sitting and Working
• Have vitamin D food in your diet

If we have diabetes or if we get to know that after blood test we are diabetes positive then no need to worry, the technology and medicines are too advanced and if we can't cure it also we can control it through regular medicines. You can also control it by following the above mentioned precautions and you can rely on home remedies which are made by natural ingredients and herbs which more over control the diabetes in very effective way compared to any other medicines and without side effect.

Just you need to improve your daily habits, if you already have this diabetes, you can trust on home remedies, which effectively works on this disease and you can lead a healthy and tension free life with taking simple and effective home remedies for diabetes in home only. To have control on your sugar level read and use this step by step guide of Herbal Home Remedies for diabetes.

PS – The Home Remedies suggested here and on the links are for general information only and anybody willing to try these must consult a certified Ayurvedic practitioner before doing so. Although natural remedies do not cause severe side effects, some might be allergic to certain plants, nuts or oils and it is strongly recommended that these remedies have to be tried only after consulting with your doctor.

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The purpose of existence of is to encourage and lend a helping hand to those enthusiastic food lovers sharing the same passion as us with the timeless, tasty recipes to try it out at the convenience of their kitchen and serve the food and love among their family and friends.