How To Control Anxiety Attacks Naturally: How To Battle Anxiety Attacks

I've got a very basic approach you can start using right now if you want to know how to stop anxiety attacks.

This idea I'm about to share with you works, whatever your situation, whatever your circumstances. The reason it's so effective and so reliable is because it's just a framework - something that allows you to build your own ideas around it.

Let me explain what it is, and you'll see what I mean.

The More, Less, Start, Stop System For How To Stop Anxiety Attacks

When you want to change anything in your life (and I really do mean anything), the only options you have to create that change is to do more of something, to do less of something, to start doing something new, or to stop doing something old.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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Simple - start doing more of anything that makes you feel better, or anything that you know is good for you. You already eat a healthy breakfast? Great. Now do more by also eating a healthy dinner.


Easy - start doing less of anything that increases your anxiety, or anything that you know is bad for you. You drink too much alcohol and it makes you feel bad? Okay, start drinking less and instantly feel the benefits.


Is there something you know you could introduce to your life to decrease your anxiety? Exercise, healthy eating, sleeping more? Start! Begin something new that's good for you, starting today.


What things do you do that you know you could stop and immediately decrease your anxiety and increase your quality of life? Smoking, drinking, eating junk food, negative thinking? Stop any or all of those things for an instant positive effect on your life.

You can change anything you want in your life simply by doing more of something, less of something, starting something new, or stopping something old.

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In coping with anxiety attacks you first have to remember that they cannot harm you, and, always think and act positively. You should also seek professional medical help as soon as possible. When diagnosed with anxiety you'll probably be given drug-based medication and perhaps some appropriate therapy as well. But more and more sufferers are using totally natural remedies for anxiety, because of the side effects that many of these drugs have. Here you'll learn about coping with anxiety attacks without drugs.

What are anxiety attacks?

Anxiety attacks are just the body's natural primeval response to a situation where it (wrongly) perceives you to be in danger. It then sets off a train of physical and mental bodily changes to help you either fight or run away to safety. This is called the body's 'fight or flight'. Because you are not aware of any immediate physical danger these changes confuse you, so that the symptoms they produce (see below) may lead you to totally believe you're having a heart attack, or, about to die even.

What causes my body to think I'm in danger?

At the root is higher-than-normal levels of anxiety. With normal levels, a person faced with an everyday stressful event is able to handle it without too much problems because the overall increased anxiety levels are still within normal limits.

Someone with higher-than-normal general anxiety is already near the limit so that an everyday stressor can raise the overall anxiety level way over the limit. When this happens you're unconscious mind perceives this as a dangerous situation and, rather than take any chances, switches to it's 'fight or flight' mode.

What are the symptoms of an anxiety attack?

The most common symptoms are: hyperventilation, overwhelming panic, hot flashes / chills, heart palpitations, fear of dying, trouble breathing, dizziness, trembling, tightness in chest and throat, stomach cramps, choking sensation, sweating, nausea and a feeling of 'detachment.'

Coping With Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks usually peak within 10 minutes of their commencement, and, they rarely last more than 30 minutes. The key is to always remember that the symptoms are just your body's reaction to a 'perceived' danger that isn't there at all; a false alarm. They cannot harm you. Here are 4 natural ways of coping with anxiety attacks...

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During an attack repeat to yourself that it's a false alarm and that you aren't having a seizure or heart attack. Take back control. Absolutely face the symptoms head-on by repeating that you know how they occur and that they will disappear. The more positive you are the quicker they'll go away.


If you can explain to someone you trust what you are feeling, their understanding and feedback can help a lot. By bringing out your emotions and feelings with a trusted friend or family member, you are unburdening your negative thoughts and feelings rather than keeping them to yourself and having them fester.


It's important to relax as much as possible during an anxiety attack. This can be very hard to do because the symptoms are just so frightening. During an attack you will be breathing way too fast. This builds up oxygen and upsets the oxygen / carbon dioxide balance. By concentrating on slow, rhythmic breathing you'll begin to slow your heartbeat, re-balance oxygen / carbon dioxide, relax tense muscles and calm your mind.


It should be no surprise to see this here. It is well known that daily exercise improves your body and mind. It has been proved that 30 minutes of good exercise daily can reduce stress and anxiety. And it can improve your immune system making you healthier, and, the healthier you are the less likely to fall pray to anxiety attacks.

But you still need to eliminate your 'fear' of anxiety attacks...

Whether you are aware of it or not, your fear of having another anxiety attack is the one thing that is holding back your cure. This is because you fear is continually building on your high levels of general anxiety, driving you ever closer to the limit past which an anxiety attack can be triggered. In other words your 'fear' itself can cause you to have anxiety attacks. You need to get rid of your fear and break that anxiety cycle in order to prevent anxiety attacks in the future.

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Your doctor's first line treatment for panic attack is usually drug-based medications. These work quite well for many people, but their downsides are that they treat the symptoms rather than the root cause, and, they do have many negative side effects. In addition they can be expensive, especially where they have to be used over a considerable period of time. Here, you'll discover why you don't need panic attack medications to succeed.

First, let's consider how a panic attack occurs...

An attack normally occurs where a sufferer already has much higher-than-normal levels of anxiety. So when an everyday stressful event occurs, such as; shopping in a crowded supermarket, driving in the rush hour, etc., the additional stress pushes their overall anxiety up to such an intensity that a panic attack is triggered.

Nowadays, more and more folks are seeking to eliminate their attacks using totally natural remedies without the bad side effects of drug-based medications. Typical of these are; dizziness, nausea, disorientation, depression, fatigue, blurred vision, light headedness, memory loss, and, in some cases, dependency.

Nevertheless, drugs can be effective short term solutions and are widely prescribed. However, in many cases, after patients come off the drugs at the end of their course, the anxiety and their associated attacks can re-occur, because the root cause hasn't been tackled.

Sufferers are then faced with the choice of going back on drugs where appropriate, or, using other non-drug therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Many prefer to go the therapy route, with CBT and others such as hypnosis, self-hypnosis, meditation, etc. There are also things like yoga, acupuncture and support groups etc.

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The aforementioned can be looked upon as techniques to help you cope with, or manage, your general anxiety and panic attacks. But that's all they do; help you cope. And drugs only help you with the symptoms. You want to get to the root of the problem and tackle that in order to get to a successful conclusion...

One of the key elements in arriving at a proper cessation of anxiety and panic attacks is your natural fear of having a panic attack. This can be a conscious or subconscious fear, but, either way, it can hold you back and is at the root of things.

You see, your fear of another attack can be the very thing that causes that panic attack to occur. Try to look at it like this: your understandable fear builds on your already higher-than-normal general anxiety so that a normal, everyday stressful occurrence -- that under normal circumstances you would take in your stride -- can raise your overall anxiety level to such a height that an attack is triggered.

Look on this process as a 'cycle of anxiety' that can be described as; anxiety > panic attack > fear > raised anxiety > panic attack > fear > raised anxiety > and so on. You need to break this vicious cycle in order to prevent further panic attacks and cure your general anxiety.

Now, only you can break the cycle; drugs won't do it and, even with the best therapies to help you, you'll need a great deal of determination and a positive attitude to succeed. But there is a special technique that you can use called the 'One Move' technique that can help enormously.

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Anxiety affects the lives of millions of people. In fact, to one extent or another, everybody finds themselves immersed in spells of anxiety, at least every now and then. There are many different levels of anxiety. These levels range from mild nervousness to full blown anxiety attacks which are often referred to as panic attacks.

Panic attacks essentially ruin the lives of their victims; at least when they are present. They are so disruptive because they become the center of attention to their prey. This happens because they are so overwhelming. They actually prevent people from being able to carry out their normal day's routine.

A spell of anxiety can be seen miles away as it approaches. When it arrives, it is normally met by a person who is 100% determined to fight it off! The problem is fighting anxiety is what keeps it alive. Anxiety, of course, is a symptom of nervousness. In fact, an anxiety or panic attack is nervousness supersized. Little do most of us realize it is our fighting that supersizes it.

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The Fight or Flight Response

The explanation for this is fighting is one of the actions our nervous system responds to by pouring loads of adrenaline into our veins. The other action is running away, or flight. It is adrenaline that is the answer to our call when we are in a mindset of "fight or flight." It is our sympathetic nerves which sense our state is one of fight or flight and so the adrenaline is manufactured in order to give us more strength, to fight, and more speed, for flight.

This would be fine if we were still in the Neanderthal stage of our evolution, or perhaps if we were playing football. However, when we are engaged in normal 21st century activities, adrenaline's excess energy manifests itself as panic; or at least extreme nervousness.

Rest and Digest

The key we must master in order to overcome anxiety disorder and prevent panic attacks from occurring is learning how to hone the ability to meet oncoming anxiety with calmness. The opposite of fight or flight is rest and digest. The most important word here is rest. Meeting anxiety with an attitude of no fighting or no running away is accomplished by putting down your guard and accepting whatever anxiety throws at you.

By using a response of resting instead of fighting your parasympathetic nerves will arrest adrenaline flow and nervousness will not be able to build into panic. This, of course, is something that cannot be learned overnight. However, once it is, you will have gained the ability to defeat anxiety in your life. Even before you master the rest and digest response, simply knowing what anxiety and panic are made of will take the steam out of them!

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