What is marketing?
If we discuss marketing so we get marketing is the process of creation, communication, and delivery in form of value .where we sold our products type of many forms. Its relations between seller and customer.
 It is the strategic marketing of creating relevant, valuable, and consistent content to retain customers. We say that it is the communication between the seller and the buyer where we introduced about many things like a products etc. and our customer get the relevant content who they know about this.
1. Get more leads
2. Increased sales
3. Social media following
4. Increased site visits from search engines
5. Trust building
6. Get more leads- More users signup for your account and get better results from your marketing campaign. And you will get more relevant traffic on your website. If the information you are giving to your user in your content is correct and it is beneficial for that, then your user will come back to your website so that you will take a lead in your site.
7. Increased sales - When you write relevant content on your website so the users will come to your website and satisfied with who they want so they will buy your products whereas increased your sales. If you are selling the product from your website, then you have to write in detail about that product so that when you see about your product, then you can get the information correctly and buy your product.
8. 3.Social Media Following-when the people will trust your relevant content and he will think that he is getting a profit on your content so people will follow you on social media platforms like Facebook Instagram to get updates on the value that you might offer to them.
9. 4. Increase Site Visits from search engines-you write the content users need and you create content on your target audience so get more traffic in your sites. And a better ranking you will get.
10. 5. Trust building- Better content creates a trust-building on your users that why your targeted user's regularly bases visit on your site. content leading to repeat site visits and regular visibility will create value for your brand among users.
11. Types of Content Marketing
12. Blogs
1-Blogs- Writing a blog means that someone wants to give information to their customer; even if it is related to any information such as if you do a business, then related blog from it so that if your user searches about you then he will find your blog. , Provide any information your user wants to know from your user.
Types of the blog-
• Interview post
• Product information
• Creating a list post
• Case study
2-Ebook- Today's time is becoming completely digital and now people have become busier on their mobile phones. And now people like to read more from mobile as well, that is why we have a good way of e-book from where we can provide our user what they want to know through a digital medium.
• Advantage of E-Books-
1- Choose a template
2- Add Many types of Content
3- Low cost
4- Digital platforms benefits
5- Download option
6- Add tracking links
3-Video Blogs - In today's time, video blogging is becoming increasingly popular because now the user likes to watch our video blog instead of reading our blog. Because somewhere he does not have to try to read here, he clicks one and he gets to know what he wants to know through the video.
• Types of video blogging
1-Case Study
2-New Product Review
3-traveling video
4-Comic Video
5-Educational Video
4- Emails- If we talk about email, its best advantage is that we can interact with more and more people in a short time. And it costs us a lot of work, but we have many types of limitations in emails like we have divided it into many types. After all, which type of emails do we want to send to our user? Whether we are sending the user's meaning or not. In a way, we consider it a part of content marketing.
• Types Of Emails-
1-Educational mails
2-Events mails
3-Product launching mails
4- Promotional emails etc.
5-Image And Inorganics- We can also access our content to the user through images, such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or all platforms are accessing their content to their users through an image. We can also do this if we have a product, then with the help of them, we can also grow our product with the help of the image and infographics.
• Helpful tools for infographics-
6- Presentation -Presentation is also a part of the content, when we have to reach information related to our topic to our user, we can access it through it and when we are leading a business, we need a presentation. . Presentations have many parts, such as what kind of presentation we want to give, such as what kind of product is the presentation of its product, what is its advantage and how much information, related to education, related to a party conference, etc.
7-Webinar-Webinar means face to face interaction, in this, we connect through online web, here we have meetings, if we have to interview, then we can take it through it, and if we run an educational course, then through it we can get our students Can connect with, when we launch a new product in the market, through this, we can tell about our product even to the people. In today's time, it is trending a lot.
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