How To Contact Westjet Airlines +1(8586090482)))) By Phone

How to contact Westjet Airlines?

Westjet is a well-known flight service known for its world-class service. It offers traveler's best-in-class services to reach their destinations. With headquarter in Minneapolis, Mendota Heights, Westjet Airlines flies to sunny destinations in Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean. If you want to book a ticket with Westjet, visit the Westjet official website or just call the booking agents directly.


How to contact Westjet Airlines?

Passengers can contact the Westjet Airlines by calling their customer support number or their flight booking number. Forgetting resolutions to their queries, Westjet customer needs to get quick assistance from Westjet Airlines Customer Service. The support service is free of cost and is available round the clock throughout the year. You can dial the number whenever you feel the need for technical support. The best customer support service is available at your fingertips. You just need to get connected with them. Expert advice is very important if you are unable to fix any issue on your own. Thus you need to take expert advice through the toll-free customer support number.

How to make Online Flight Reservation with Westjet Airlines?

People want to spend less time to reach their destination and even with comfort. This is the reason the booking of flights has increased rapidly. You can book Westjet Airlines online in few easy steps. Booking is easy and takes about 4-5 minutes. You can also call Westjet Airlines Reservation Number to get your booking done.

  • Open Westjet Airlines' official website.
  • Log in to your Westjet Airlines account.
  • Enter the source and destination.
  • Choose your journey date and class.
  • Enter a number of travelers.
  • Click on the “Search for Flights” option.
  • Now from the list of available flights, choose one that suits you best to you and your travel requirement.
  • Enter the traveler’s details and then proceed to payment.
  • Make payment using any of the payment methods.
  • Once the payment is done, you will get a confirmation message for your flight booking on your registered mobile number as well as on your email address.

How do I Talk to a Live Person at Westjet Airlines?

Passengers can call on Westjet Airlines Booking Phone Number to book their flight tickets easily. The booking executives are ready round the clock to take your calls and assist you in your booking requirement. You get information about the running deals and available discount offers if applicable. The booking support team works 24/7 so as passengers booking their flight tickets can get their booking comfortably. However, there are other options to book a flight ticket with Westjet like through online mode by visiting the website, or by visiting the kiosk. But booking through the Westjet Airlines Phone Number gives you an easy and effective way to get your tickets booked in minutes.

Westjet Airlines Last Minute Flight Deals

Planning a trip at the very last moment is not less than excitement but it always affects plenty of things whether finding the best deal or cost of the whole trip. It is often a difficult thing to find affordable last minute flights as a price increase on the last minute flights. But if you are thinking to travel with Westjet Airlines and looking for the best and affordable last minute flights, then you can very simply do that if you have detailed knowledge about that. There are numerous ways that can help you to get Westjet Airlines last-minute deals on flights as you should know about the required steps before booking.

Tips to Get Westjet Airlines Last-Minute Deals

  1. Book your flight ticket in advance

Booking flights at least one month or four weeks in advance is the best way to get the last minute deals on varied route’s flights. You can check the official website of Westjet Airlines website to check how far in advance you can book your flight ticket. With every single passing hour, you will get the increased price of your preferred route.

  1. Book Directly at the Airport

Sometimes book a flight directly at the airport is another option to save the travel cost because you will not require to pay any additional fee that you give while booking online. You can book your flight ticket at affordable prices while booking at the airport and save up to $25 for a round trip flight.

  1. Look for the Sales or Special Days

Westjet Airlines proffer flash sales during the special days when you can very easily find and book Westjet Airlines last minute flights at an affordable price to varied destinations. You can look for the festival or weekdays to book a flight ticket and get plenty of last minute flight tickets to the varied routes.

  1. Search in Incognito Mode

Whenever you search your flight on the websites, these websites track your search information and shows the different prices every time you visit. You can search your flights in the incognito mode of your browser and very easily get plenty of deals within your budget.

  1. Compare the Prices

Search the other websites in spite of the official website of Westjet Airlines to compare the prices that can help you to find the best one among the plenty of deals. You can also use filters to compare the prices given on the websites.

  1. Book at the Very Last Minute

Booking a flight at the very last moment of traveling is another way to avail the last minute flights to your preferred destinations because airlines sometimes lower the prices of their flights at the very last moment.

Westjet Airlines last minute flights

By following these above-given instructions, you can get Westjet Airlines last minute flights in a very simple and effective manner. In case you are still not competent enough to get the last minute flight or you have any other query, contact the customer service team of Westjet Airlines to obtain the required assistance.

How To Speak With the Customer Representative of Westjet?

Westjet is a famous American airline as they provide flights at cheap rates to various domestic and international journeys. You can anytime confirm your flight ticket online at their website or reach their customer service team. If you need a detailed description of the Westjet services, you can talk to their representative and reserve your seat. But customers ask how do I talk to a live person at Westjet? In that case, you will be provided various modes like call, chat, email or social media. You can understand some services which customer representatives can provide as mentioned below before reaching them:

  • Discuss about the flight reservation with the latest deals and discounts.
  • Get information about the baggage requirement to board the Westjet flight.
  • It helps you with flight cancellation or provide you with another flight date for the preferred destination.
  • Get a detailed description of the group booking and their benefits.
  • Know about the rules and regulations to take the pet on the flight.
  • Discuss any modifications which you can do after booking the flight with Westjet airlines.
  • It helps you to get your favourite meal on the flight and enjoy the journey with more facilities.
  • Any other special services on the flight or select the favourite seat for the convenient journey 

Ways to get in touch with the customer representative:

Once you understand the services which the representative can provide, you can read further and get several modes to speak with them and enjoy all the facilities before or after boarding the flight:

Talk on phone call:

The first step to speak is to dial the phone number and discuss the relevant issues. To get the Westjet phone number, you need to do the below steps:

  • At first, you need to open the Westjet official website in your browser.
  • After that, go to the contact section available on the website.
  • At there, you need to select the phone call option from the various options displayed on the screen.
  • Once you get the number, you need to dial the toll-free phone number and follow the on-call prompts carefully.
  • Your call will connect with the representative after a relevant press, and you need to discuss the different issues with them. 
  • They are experts in their work and always try to provide the best guidance as possible.

Talk over the chat:

If you think that your problem is not solved over a phone call, you can start a live chat with the virtual assistant. To get the live chat option and connect with Westjet customer service, you can do the below steps:

  • At first, you need to open the Westjet official website and go to their help section.
  • After that, you will see the various options to speak with the representative displayed over the screen.
  • At there, you need to select the live chat option, and a chat box will appear on the right corner of the screen.
  • You need to enter your query and send it to the live person. Once they get your request, immediately reply to the solution over there.
  • Therefore, you can access the live chat option anytime and from anywhere as it is 24x7 available for help and support. 

Talk over email:

Apart from a phone call and chat, you can connect with the support team over email. All you need to do is compose a mail and write a detailed description of your query. After that, you can attach any relevant documents and add your contact number and send it to the official email id of the Westjet customer service team. Once they receive your request, come back to you within 24 hours of the request. You can take the email id of the representative from the Westjet contact section.

Talk over social media:

You can also follow Westjet on the social media pages like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. From there, you will get the Westjet reservation number, or you can send your query through a message. Once they receive your request, give you a reply over the message. It is the most convenient method as everyone in today’s scenario is using social sites. You can take the official pages of social media from the website of Westjet.

What is Westjet Airlines Cancellation And Refund Policy?

Being an ultra-low-cost airline, Westjet Airlines serves over 30 aircraft, covering more than 50 destinations. It offers classy services to its passengers and provides customer support at each step of the journey. The airline introduces passengers-friendly service either to make a reservation or to cancel or change a flight. Eleventh in line when it comes to the most significant airlines from the region of the United States of America, Westjet Airlines provides passenger and cargo services to many major destinations. Westjet is famous for keeping a bare minimum airfare for the flights it offers to several locations and the consistent cargo services it provides for different passengers and commercial services. Read along the article to get complete information about Westjet Airlines cancellation and refund policy.

 Get introduced with Westjet Airlines Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Seeking information about how and when can you cancel your Westjet Airlines flights? Need not wonder as the enlisted pieces of information state a complete detail about Westjet Airlines Cancellation Policy which is listed below:

  • Westjet Airlines offers exclusive services to the travelers to cancel the reservations done online or made by contacting the Westjet Airlines booking representatives. 
  • Passengers are permitted to cancel their flight with little or no penalty, depending upon the cancellation and booking period. Individuals can cancel flights on Westjet without any penalty for up to 24 hours from the time of booking, with the situation that the booking was made at least seven days or more prior to the journey date.
  • As per the Westjet Airlines Refund Policy, passengers can claim a refund for the cancellation of their flight, if eligible for getting a refund and the cancellation was done within the provided period.
  • Passengers can get a partial or no refund on flight cancellation if the booking was not made a week prior to the journey date. The amount of the refund depends upon the fare rule of the airline. 
  • The eligible amount is refunded within 7-9 working days if the payment was done online. 

The new change fees apply to each passenger on each flight direction:

>Free if made 60 or more days before travel
>$50 if made 14 to 59 days before travel
>$100 if made less than 14 days before travel

To resolve any queries regarding the flight cancellation procedure, passengers can directly reach Westjet Customer Service, round the clock.  The cancellation professionals are always active to handle the issues of travelers and are skilled enough to provide single attempt solutions. Individuals can resolve their queries over the phone even from remote locations as they are accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Benefits of contacting Westjet Airlines Customer Service

If you make any changes you can contact the customer service anytime and make changes accordingly.

Upgrade the Booking: If there has been the change in plan and you have to make an update, you can complete it effectively.

Book a car or a hotel: If you expected to book lodging or vehicle from a site, you can do likewise.

How do I redeem Westjet credits?

If you are a frequent flyer with Westjet and you have a lot of credits accumulated in your account, but the only question you are facing is that How do I redeem Westjet credits; in that case, go through the points listed below to get a better understanding of the same;

Redeem Westjet Credits

To redeem the Westjet credits you have in your account, follow through the listed points step by step;

  • With the help of the browser of your device, visit the official website of Westjet Airlines.
  • Now, locate and click on the option to ‘Book Flights with Westjet.’
  • Select and enter all the required details on the official website and proceed with the passenger details.
  • Once you do, it will then showcase different flights according to your suitability.
  • Now, select the flight you find helpful and proceed.
  • Once you get into the payment page, locate the option to ‘Use your Credits’ and follow through.
  • You can then use your credits with the help of the following page.
  • It is up to you how many credits you wish to utilize.
  • Once you apply that, it will showcase the remaining balance; you’ll have to pay to confirm your booking.

Henceforth, by going through all the points mentioned above, one can redeem their Westjet credits and put them to use for their future flights with Westjet.

How do I contact Westjet for a refund?

Westjet is the best airline with which you can travel to reach your destination. But there are possibilities when you are stuck in any of the Westjet-related issues. In such a case, connecting with customer service will help you. Several ways are available that will take you to customer service. Here are some of the methods. 

  • Use phone option

Place a phone call to the Westjet customer representative to speak with them about your issues. They will recommend a better solution to your problem.

  • Use the live chat option.

A live chat is the best way to communicate with the customer representative. Here you will get an immediate solution to any of your problems.

  • Use the email option.

An email will provide you with a solution in the best way possible. In this option, you have to send an email to the customer representative, and in return, they will provide you with a solution.  

What fees does Westjet charge?

Westjet is the convenient and cheapest airline for passengers to travel. If you want to know the fees of Westjet, then check for the available facility. All the facilities have different costs that the airline will take from you. Typically, Westjet asks for fees in the reservation, seat selection, baggage, and flight change. Apart from this, you do not have to pay any extra amount for any other function other than this. 

Why is Westjet so cheap?

Some specific factors are there that make Westjet a cheap airline. The essential point is that Westjet is a low-cost carrier airline such that it keeps its cost structure low. Apart from this, the airport expenses are meager, and the flight ticket availability is not a problem. 

Do bags fly free on Westjet?

The answer to this question is yes. Bags do fly for free on Westjet. The passengers are allowed to take one bag under the seat at no charge. The bag can be a purse, backpack, duffel bag, or other items. Make sure that your bag fits the area under the seat.   

Does Westjet provide reimbursements on your Canceled flights?

Yes, Westjet provides reimbursements on your canceled flight once you have applied for the reimbursement within 24 hours of flight cancellation. If you exceed the time limit of 24 hours, you may get the reimbursement after deducting extra charges.

You can go through the other written policies to help you get full reimbursement for your cancellation. The policies will maintain a trustworthy relationship and decorum between airline authority and clients. 

  • In the worst-case scenario, you can apply for reimbursement if your flight gets delayed or canceled due to technical issues and climatic conditions. In that case, the airline will refund you without deducting the cancellation charges.
  • In case your family member dies, and eventually, your flight gets canceled, then, in that case, you need to deposit the supportive document at the airline authority, and the authority will verify the document to provide you the reimbursement without deducting the cancellation fees.
  • If you have a refundable flight ticket, you can cancel your booking 2 hours before the flight departure; after that, the airline authority will revert you the full reimbursement at your registered account details.

Westjet reimbursement procedure 

  • You can visit the official site of Westjet.
  • Then move to the login page and sign up with your account.
  • After that, you can tap on the manage my booking section.
  • Enter your reference number and last name. The page will show the list of flights.
  • Now select your suitable flight booking and click cancel.

You can apply for reimbursement through a refund request form following the cancellation. Fill it out, and submit it to the airline staff.

  • At last, you will get the confirmation code message on your registered email address.

If you still have the question, Does Westjet reimburse for Canceled flights? Then you can connect with the airline customer service executive via a toll-free number 651-905-2737 that is active for 24 hours and seven days.

  1. Does Westjet give refunds?
  2. Yes, Westjet provides a refund to the passengers who are eligible for a refund as per the refund policy where you can get a full refund on a flight that you cancelled within 24 hours of ticket purchase +1-(858) 609-0482 . The refund amount depends on the type of your fare and the duration of flight cancellation.

  3. Are Westjet tickets refundable?
  4. Westjet proffer refundable tickets to its travelers and one can get a refund on the cancelled flight if the booking is made through online or offline mode from Westjet. If you cancel a flight within 24 hours of booking, then you can easily get a refund on that flight as per the refund rules.

  5. Is there a cancellation fee for Westjet?
  6. Westjet charges a cancellation fee as per cancellation fee if you cancel a flight ticket after 24 hours of booking. The flight cancellation fee starts from $50 and varies upon the duration of cancellation and your ticket type. You can check the cancellation fee on Westjet during the flight cancellation.

  7. Does Westjet charge to change flight?
  8. Westjet does not charge any kind of fee if you make changes in your booking within 24 hours of booking. But changes made after this time period will be subject to the flight change fee that starts from $59 and also depend on the fare type and the duration of the change flight as per the flight change policy of Westjet.

  9. How much does Westjet charge for bags?
  10. Baggage charges depend on the quantity of bags and many other factors such as overweight bags, checked bags, etc. The purchase fee of baggage starts from $38 for the first bag and $45 for the second bag if you purchased your bag online otherwise you will be charged $50 if you purchased a bag at the airport.

  11. How do I get a refund from Westjet?
  12. If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of ticket purchase, then you will get a full refund as per the refund policy of Westjet. You can make your refund request online through the Manage Booking page or after contacting the customer service team at Westjet by providing the booking details.

  13. Can I cancel my Westjet flight for free?
  14. If you cancel your Westjet flight 60 days or more prior to the scheduled departure, then you are free to cancel your flight and if you cancel your Westjet flight after 60 days, then you will be charged a cancellation fee that starts from $50 and varies upon the duration of cancellation and fare type.

  15. Does Westjet have 24 hour cancellation?
  16. Yes, Westjet proffer 24 hour cancellation option to its passengers where one can make a flight cancellation request up to 24 hours from the scheduled departure. You will be able to cancel your flight during this time period as per the cancellation policy of Westjet without paying any kind of cancellation fee and make sure that your reservations are made 7 days or more prior to the scheduled departure.

Everything that you need to know before booking reservations with Westjet Airlines Customer Service

Headquartered in Minnesota, Westjet Airlines is one of the largest American airlines which offers its customers with low-cost flight tickets. And to ease out traveling, the airline offers its customers with multiple online services that one can easily opt once they book reservations with Westjet Airlines.

Benefits of traveling by Westjet Airlines

  • For the passengers who have booked Westjet Airlines Reservation, they are provided with the best hospitality services on board.

  • Further, to save time and money the airline has introduced various online services and offers that one can confirm by visiting the airline website.

  • And for those planning a trip can easily grab the best deals and vacation packages by simply contacting the reservation center of the airline.

  • Moreover, to help out the customers, the airline has even introduced Westjet Airlines customer service centers where one can easily resolve their queries and issues related to the bookings.

Besides, there are multiple other services that one can avail once they book their flight with the airline. Further, for those who have a query on how to book a flight with Westjet Airlines, here is the simple procedure that one can follow provided in this article.

Booking a flight ticket with Westjet Airlines

  • For the passengers who are willing to book a flight ticket with Westjet Airlines need to open the airline website.

  • After that, they need to navigate to the booking section and proceed with Westjet Airlines booking .

  • And then, the passengers are required to provide a preferred departing and arrival location for their journey.

  • Further, the passengers needs to select a  journey date and provide the number of people traveling.

  • And after filling all the details, the passenger is required to click on Search option.

  • After that, the passengers will be provided with the list of available flights from which one can select a suitable flight.

  • Thereafter, the passengers need to provide details about the passengers who are traveling.

  • Once done, the passengers can proceed with the online payment process for confirming the flight with the airline.

  • After the payment is confirmed, the passengers will be provided with an automated email.

And with the end of this simple procedure, the passengers can easily book flight ticket with Westjet Airlines. However, there are chances that some users might encounter issue while booking reservation online. Well, in such cases, the passenger can contact the airline customer service for assistance and get their tickets booked with the airline.

How to contact Westjet Airlines for booking flight ticket?

For the passengers who wish to book flight ticket with Westjet Airlines can simply contact the airlines by dialing Westjet Airlines Phone Number. They simply need to provide the details regarding their trip like location, date and number of people. Further, the passengers will be provided with available flights on which they can confirm their reservations.

Thus, this was the complete details about Westjet Airlines ticket booking that one needs to know before confirming their flight ticket.

Westjet Airlines Change Flight

Change of plan or a situation beyond control can happen with any traveler and that it may directly or indirectly affect your travel plans. And if you are of the view that you will have to bear the loss of an already booked flight then to your surprise you can save yourself from such a loss. And these options are given when you travel with Westjet Airlines. This American low-cost airline is known for not only to manage the fare charges but can also manage the passengers' travel. So, if you are stuck in such a condition that you will not be able to board the flight you booked then you can choose to change your flight with Westjet airlines. 

Stuck Somewhere? Change Your Flight Instead of Westjet canceled my flight!

When you choose to travel with Westjet Airlines, then you shall relax as the airline will be ready to look into your issue very closely. So, if you are thinking to change flight then you must go through Westjet airlines change flight policy first which is stated here.

To proceed with the flight change process, if you are changing your flight within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket then you will not be charged. 

  • In case you have crossed 24 hours then you can still change your flight but will be asked to pay for the flight change fees. 
  • Take care that the flight change will be offered for the next 24 hours only. In case the flight that you change turns out to be for the next day then you will have to make accommodations yourself. 
  • And also keep in mind that according to the flight change policy, change name and date on Westjet airline might be easy for you but one should check all the terms and points into consideration while proceeding to change. 
  • Also, the airline might ask for legal and proper documents in case you choose to change your name with Westjet airline.
  • Hence with the help of the above information, the passenger can choose to act accordingly and hence take wise decisions. Further, the passengers may tap on the “Manage Travel” option to change the flight.

What is the process of changing the flight date in Westjet Airlines?

Westjet Airlines is the ultra-low-cost airline that is considered as the best choice for the passengers who yearns for comfort in flight along with affordable flight prices. Although this is the ultra-low-cost airline, it ensures a lavish journey for its passengers.


  • For ticket changes made between 59-14 days prior to travel
  • Now hurry up! Ring us to book your tickets, cabs and the adventure plans with your loved ones.
  • Westjet Airlines offers you 24*7 customer support offering you a wide range of flight reservation deals at very reasonable prices. 
  • Westjet Airlines offer you to get the domestic and international tour packages and exclusive airline deals as per your needs.

Westjet Airlines flight date Change:-

Have you ever imagined that you book a flight with this airline and you wrongly entered the wrong date? Well, this mistake can be omitted by changing the flight date. This can be done by following the steps:

  • The first step is launching the web browser and going to the official website of the Airline.
  • Then, tap on the “Manage my Travel” option that will be available at the top of the page.
  • The next step is to fill in the booking number and the family name and tap “Continue”.
  • Once you have found the corresponding flight, tap on it and click on the “Edit Booking” option.
  • The window that will be just like the window of booing the flight will be displayed in front of you. You have to skip the Changing the flight page and then you can edit the flight.
  • Since you want to change the date of the flight, you can make the changes and confirm the changes. Your flight will be changed.
  • You can change the flight date in Westjet Airlines by following the aforementioned steps.

Having Issue? Contact Westjet Helpline Numbers! 

In case you need any help then you are free to contact Westjet airline customer service number. This customer service number is 24/7 active on different platforms to help the issues of passengers. 







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