Dear friend, as you embark on your quest for abundance and prosperity working from the inside out, one of the emotions you will come up against is fear. I am not speaking of the “fight or flight” fear when you are faced with danger. I am referring to the fear which comes to the surface as you prepare to move out of your comfort zone.

Fear is mortal man’s greatest enemy. It may be fear of the future, fear of failure, fear of another, fear of one’s own self or any of the thousand and one fears that follow people through life.

There are a great many things that we have come to call by other names that have their roots in fear. Take envy. Envy is one of the manifestations of fear. When we are envious of others we really fear them. If we would be honest with ourselves and analyse our actions and reactions we would be able to give our acts their proper names. Think it over. You’ll agree with me.

A great many people fear to be alone. Not that they are frightened of the dark or the possibility of someone lurking in their path. They are afraid to be with themselves. They are afraid of their own thoughts. They are afraid of themselves.

Many years ago, a wise man said, “Know thyself and thou will know all things.”

Knowing one’s self is more than the mere knowledge that you have a scar on your left elbow, or that your right shoulder is higher than your left shoulder. It is knowing your mind, knowing your abilities, understanding your reactions. Knowing yourself is the end of all fears.

You don’t banish fears by forgetting about them. That is dangerous. You must bring your fears out in the open. Know them. Recognize them when they appear. Realize that fear is but a human frailty and it will not disappear.

If you realize that you possess a power that can overcome all obstacles, if you realize that your mind is all powerful and all embracing, if you accept these things, then you are beyond all fear. Envy, hate, greed, laziness, pride, boastfulness, anger... these are some of the things you must avoid or overcome, if you will be without fear.

Don’t think you can overcome the above fears in a single session. Some of these fears may have, through the years of ignorance, become integral parts of your thinking. You cannot expect to completely change yourself in a day, or a month.

You must apply yourself, check yourself carefully. Go over the things you have done each day. Be your own prompter. Check up on yourself. No one else can check you on the things you do each day. You can, at least, be honest with yourself. You will know when you have over-stepped one of the danger lines, and knowing that, you will be better able to correct yourself. It is through the conquest of these shortcomings that you will learn self-control. It is through self-control that you will be able to conquer your fears.

Once fear no longer has a place in your life, in your thinking, in your actions, you will be free to go on to greater accomplishments. There will be nothing to hold you back.

Until next time, make this a week one in which you are living your life to the fullest.
With appreciation and gratitude
Nigel St.Hill

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