How to Link Your Right-Brain to Winning in Under 60-secs
“Daddy, Why is that football player – dancing up-and-down?”
• Why you should use this baby-easy strategy as a “warm-up” to win at school & career.

• 1. Believe it because of the neuro-scientific research at San Francisco State University, published in the journal, ‘Evolution and Human Behavior’.

• Lead author: David Matsumoto. This important strategy is “self-programming”, a form of “reinforcement.”

• 2. The Universal Gesture of winning is something that you see, but doesn’t register in our mind as a strategy. We see it in Football, Olympic Running, and even after Acing an exam, and winning a promotion or bonus.

• 3. We recommend you think, “So what? Who cares? What’s In It for Me? to decide “relevancy” because your time is “valuable” in the Knowledge Economy.

• 4. If you learn the “algorithm” (step-by-step) strategy of
Triumph (winning), and it takes just 15-second to do, you
own a system to trigger your brain for Future specific successes. It becomes a “habit,” your right-brain ritual.

• 5. You’ve seen football players do their little dance of triump after catching a touchdown pass. Remember along with us the exact gestures that they use.

• 6. These same gestures are a specific form of Emotional release your right-brain has hardwired to release three neurotransmitters of pleasure, happiness and joy.

• Remember them because if you intentionally get them flowing, you control your future “success-factor”.

• 7. Endorphins-Serotonin-and-Dopamine are happiness (pleasure) chemicals. So what? Get this: “Happiness” is the “key-factor” – yes, really – to maintaining your daily health.” It triggers you “high-energy” to perform well.

• 8. When you feel pleasure, your body registers better immune system activity, your heart beats stronger & slower, and you breathe diaphragmatically and obtain more Oxygen and Glucose (energy – through blood-sugar).

• 9. For Brainiacs: Endorphins are natural opium-like hormones, produced by your Pituitary Gland & Hypothalamus. It’s your brain’s “high”.

• 10. When you change your Mood & State-of-Mind, you also change your Attitude and Beliefs of what you can accomplish. We call them, StressBusters. You are “in-your-zone”, “in-the-flow”, and able to experience, “Peak-
Performances”, like touchdowns and acing school.

• 11. These “Victory” gestures are used in Asia, South America, Europe & all African countries. They are “universal”. We can spot them at all Olympic Games, and
while watching six-year-olds at-play.

• 12. No one teaches “success (victory) gestures”, they are evolutionary, and programmed into our right-brain.

• 13. What are these gestures that we can “intentionally”
activate to create victory in school and career?

a) Head up to heaven.
b) A Grimace expression on your face, or mouth yelling.
c) Raised shoulders
d) Throwing upward our “Clenched Fists”.
e) Head tilted back & a dance-step for your feet.

• 14. Q. Is there a difference between “Triump” and “Pride”? Yes. “Triumph” (winning) produces an Aggressive facial expression. Pride produces a “small,
Secret- Smile.” on their face.

• 15. Research indicates that the emotion of “Victory” (Triump) kicks-in before “Pride”.

• 16. When should you “intentionally” duplicate this “Victory” emotion? Answer: about five-minutes before an EXAM, INTERVIEW, PRESENTATION, or NEGOTIATION.

• 17. If you are going to meet new people (any relationship), set your right-brain to deliver your highest energy, cognition, and self-confidence. Why? It gives you a “unique-competitive-advantage”, and helps you win!

• 19. Step a) close your eyes and do four (4) diaphragmatic breaths to get your Parasympathetic Nervous System inhibiting Chronic-Stress, for Relaxation. Four separate breaths. On exhaling, four “Hum-ms, a total of sixteen.

• 20. Step b) throw both arms up toward the ceiling, and keep them up.

• 21. Step c) Clenched-Fists, keep them closed.

• 22. Step d) Put a Grimace (not a smile) on your puss, and keep it there.

• Step e) Bounce up and down on your feet, but don’t go anywhere. This “dance-step” generates oxygen & glucose.

• Step g) Create a simple “Mental-Movie of you WINNING. See yourself be awarded the Promotion over your competitors. That’s you being handed the $10,000 bonus for brilliant work. People smile at you because they LIKE you.

• Step h) Feel the EMOTION of winning, success, and triumph for just 17-seconds, and you improve your Attitude, Mood, and Belief system to succeed up to six-hours.

• 23. That’s the entire strategy that has worked for 10,000 corporate executives. It may give you the “competitive-edge” to improve your life at school and career. It takes about 1-3 minutes, and is active for about six-hours.

• 24. We suggest you repeat the bodily-movements and the facial gestures three-times for reinforcement. You create a Synaptic Connection in a NEW neural-network. It resides permanently in your brain (pre-frontal cortex and right-hemisphere.) You have successfully programmed yourself.
Do a Mind Experiment, and you be the judge. We suggest, no matter how ridiculous it appears, “if it works, USE IT regularly.”
See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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