Many religions and individuals throughout history accept the notion that everyone has at least one guardian angel, which is a helpful being on the other side. Below we give advice to avoid trouble with negative energies and make the most of your option to guardian Angel option.

“On Earth, we really only deal with two types of angels: the angels, or guardian angels, who are closest to us, and the archangels, who are the managers of the guardian angels. Archangel Michael is a well-known example of an archangel. Guardian angels are assigned to each and every one of us at or before conception. As a soul getting ready to incarnate, you actually talk with your angels and set up a lot of your life.”
Doreen Virtue

Who They Are

Our long-term empirical research involving past life regression, reincarnation, and meditation shows us that your guardian angels could be souls you’ve shared lifetimes with in the past. Perhaps a good friend or family member you were close to centuries ago while both incarnated on Earth have now chosen to guide you from the other side. Or one of your guides now may be a friend or family member incarnated in the future.

Additionally, you could have a temporary guide that is helping you learn a specific skill, or helping you complete an important project. It’s also possible one of your guides could be a soul that has exclusively incarnated on planets other than Earth.

“The world of pure spirits stretches between the divine nature and the world of human beings; because divine wisdom has ordained that the higher should look after the lower, angels execute the divine plan for human salvation: they are our guardians, who free us when hindered and help to bring us home.”
Thomas Aquinas

Why Guardian Angels Make Sense

Considering the theories that you’ve had many past lives, there is a limitless number of planets in the universe on which to incarnate, there are a vast number of souls and entities on the other side in various dimensions, everyone is of the same energy force or spirit, and you’ve established countless connections with other souls while incarnated and on the other side, the idea of never being alone due to influences on the other side makes sense.

How To Sense Guardian Angels

Thirty years ago, we struggled to confirm authentic guidance of the Light from the other side, but we’ve found it gets easier through regular meditation, healthy living, and asking for guidance.

Unless you’re one of those rare, extremely psychic individuals, communication with your guardian angles isn’t like a Hollywood movie, as if you’re talking to a friend standing next to you. The conveyance is much more subtle.

A warm sensation on your skin, melodic whispering in your ear you perceive as a soft buzz or ringing, a fragrant scent or unusual taste on your tongue seemingly from nowhere, or an uncommon emotional or intuitive impression are some ways you may acutely sense guardian angels in your presence, beyond their usual everyday invisible protection. Perhaps you have been asking in meditation or prayer for advice from your guides of the Light and you suddenly sense a slight harmonious vibration or a warm feeling and get a flash of insight. They are more than willing to will work with you and help you if you ask.

When You Connect With Guardian Angels More Easily

You are much more likely to attract and sense the guidance of your guardian angels when you are sober, centered, grounded, expressing gratitude, humble, and calm.

Guardian Angels vs. Disembodied and Other Entities

It’s common for troublemaker entities to pretend to be helpful guides. Troublemaker entities include disembodied spirits, demonic entities and other tricksters that aren’t of the Light. Some of them are souls that had previously incarnated into human bodies, some aren’t. Although disembodied spirits may not always be of the darkness, they are merely souls that are loitering on the invisible, lower planes instead of going to the Light. It’s possible for a lost soul to roam for centuries or even longer, though their sense of time on the invisible planes is different so they don’t perceive it as such. Previously incarnated and lost souls still possess all of their worldly prejudices, as well as habits and addictions. Recognize that any biased or negative advice you receive from a “guide,” such as suggesting to do harm to another person, isn’t a guardian angel of the Light.

Gratitude is our most direct line to God and the angels.”
Terry Taylor

To benefit from your guardian angels, simply ask for help from your angels of the Light on a regular basis and be open to assistance.

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