VIZIO has become one of the most bestselling electronic supplier manufacturer's in recent years. It is good to know, this company has started only a few years ago but soon become compatible with other famous brands (Sony, Samsung, LG).

Truly, this company believes in producing latest and innovative technology-based electronics. So, if you are planning to get a flat bigger screen TV with all modern features, blur-ray players, soundbars, home theater, Bluetooth headphones even 3D- Blu-ray players do not forget to have a look at VIZIO products.

From the beginning, VIZIO expanded its electronic world with consumer's current requirements and received their trust with 100% satisfaction within a shortest possible time.

As VIZIO has especially recognized for its flat panel TV and home theater accessories, we are here to provide you a details information about VIZIO soundbar and VIZIO TV. Plus, you will also come across about how to connect VIZIO soundbar in VIZIO TV within maximum 15 minutes.

So, isn't it so exciting? Let's start without further delay.

What are the unique features of VIZIO soundbar?

Do you like lifetime sound from multiple angles with deep bass HD sounds quality? Then VIZIO soundbar is a fantastic add-on to your sound system. Whether it is for home theater or simple audio system, at present, it has become remarkable for delivering premium type audio with high clarity. Plus, its extraordinary surround sound system, sleek design, easy installation and a bunch of additional hardware's makes this soundbar out of the box for music and theater enthusiasts.

The general (based on all model) features of VIZIO soundbar includes:

• Chromecast Built In
• SRS TruSurround HD Provides rich bass and clear sound.
• SRS TruVolume Maintains sound levels from 1db to 100 db. So, there are no more junks or ups and downs.
• It provides crystal-clear sound with harmonic distortion
• Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Permitted for smooth Wireless Streaming
• It has 3" High-Efficiency hand operated mid/bass four transducers
• Also, two 3/4" aluminum dome-shaped High-Performance neodymium tweeters
• Wireless Subwoofer with 60 feet wires
• Optical and Analog Inputs
• It also includes Optical Cables and HDMI

How is VIZIO TV better choice of making a home theater?

Undoughtably, flat TV from VIZIO has become one of the #1 choice for all Americans. Consumers with different requirements fall in love with VIZIO TV as it comes with a wide variety of sizes, models, years and of course with smart advanced technology. According to the consumer's demand, they have LCD, LED, HD TV, 3D TV, and HDMI TV with lots more updated applications.

Therefore, The general (based on all model) features of VIZIO soundbar includes:

• DTS audio sound and DTS TruVolume.
• Full Array-based LED Backlight
• 2 HDMI smart TV.
• Wireless LAN
• PC Streaming
• FULL-PHASE Internet Apps Plus
• Built-in Wi-Fi
• 1080p Full HD high-definition resolution with a crystal-clear picture.
• You can access Twitter, Facebook, Pandora, Netflix, eBay, and NBA
• Vibrant bright and more accurate color.
• Ultra color spectrum.

How to connect VIZIO soundbar in VIZIO TV?

After knowing a lot more about VIZIO soundbar and VIZIO TV, now it is time for know some practical factors. Suppose, you have purchased a VIZIO home theater along with latest model TV. The very first question will click in your mind, how to set-up that? Therefore, we are also here to remove your all dilemma about the installation process and let’s see how to connect the VIZIO soundbar on TV in simple steps.

• To give the connection between soundbar and subwoofer connect the power cable for both devices and flip the power switch ON position in the subwoofer.
• After that place the subwoofer in the corner of the room and soundbar in the central of the room. You can mount via mountain screw or can keep vertically near the TV.
• Then you can become familiar with different remote control button and its modes such as input, power, player, bass, TruVolume, TruSurround HD, etc.
• For Bluetooth connectivity press the Bluetooth button from soundbar and switch on Bluetooth from the remote control. You will get the notification and select that from the remote control and start playing a song. Similarly, you can do it any Bluetooth compatible device smartphone, laptop and so on.
• For optical connectivity select “S/PDIF” or optical port from both end (TV and soundbar) and the connection done.
• For analog connectivity select “Analog” from TV end and connect “Input 1” and “Input 2” RCA cable from speaker end. That’s it.
• For Wi-Fi follow the same process as Bluetooth except you have to select “Wi-Fi” from a remote control.
• Apart from this, you can use powerful HDMI cables to make a connection from other sources.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How do I reset VIZIO soundbar?

Ans: Forgiving factory reset press and hold the volume down (-) and Bluetooth () together for 5 seconds. It will erase all previous settings.

2.How do I sync my soundbar with TV remote?

Ans: Press and hold SOUND button from soundbar and do the same from remote for TV. It will sync.

3. Why is digital optical cable used?

Ans: Optical cable generally used for stream audio components such as CD or DVD players, computers, game consoles, etc.

5.Why is VIZIO appealing compare to other brands?

• Extremely budget friendly.
• Versatile and comes with a 1-year complete warranty.
• Pervasive source of entertainment.
• Advanced sound technology within a budget

Final verdict:

VIZIO has made a new impression in home electronics by offering high-quality cool products at an inexpensive price. As a result, customers like to repeat this brands when they look for a new TV or elegant home electronics. Yet, sometimes it is tuff to mount the soundbar in a wall, or someone faces problem to operate the remote control. But all on an average VIZIO has proven to be the best top-notch product in home theater plus electronic extent.

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