The remote desktop connection is a technique, which allows users to connect and fully control one computer from another computer which is remotely connected to it. During remote connection the screen of remotely connected computer appears in your computer screen, so that you can control and perform the tasks in that remotely connected computer. Along with other Window operating system, Window 7 also posses the Remote desktop connection features. The remote desktop connection can be set up through the local area network and the internet. If you want to create remote desktop connection, you just need to have some basic information about the remote computer and must have the permission to get connection remotely.

Steps to connect to Window 7 from a remote desktop

Before connecting your Window 7 you need to enable the remote desktop connection
Steps to Enable Remote Desktop
Step 1
Click the start button or hit the Window key on your keyboard.
Step 2
Browse through the Start menu and right click on computer. A popup menu will appear, click on Properties from the list. Now a window with basic information of your computer appears.
Step 3
Write down the Computer name, work setting and domain. You will need this information, while remotely connecting your computer over the LAN. If it’s an Internet you have to refer your router and its manual IP address.
Step 4
Now click on Remote settings tab. A window will appear with two sections, Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop at the bottom.
Step 5
Select, either second or third option. Check on the check box to allow users to connect remotely to this computer. This will enable you to connect your computer remotely.

Connect to Windows 7 from a Remote Desktop
Step 1
Press Window button from your computer or click Start button.
Step 2
Type "Remote Desktop" in search box and hit "Enter". This will open the application for Remote Desktop Connection.
Step 3
Now type the host name or the IP address of the computer that you want to get remotely connected and hit "Enter."
Step 4
Type in the user-name and password you are using to get connection with the remote computer and press "Enter." Now you are connected with the remote computer.

While connecting to a remote computer, the remote computer must be turned on and it must have connection to the internet or any other network, which we are using for the connection. The Remote Desktop connection must be enabled and you must have the access to the network with which the remote computer is connected.
Remote Desktop Connection can’t be setup on those computers running on Windows XP Home Edition, Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic N, Windows Vista Home Basic and Windows Vista Home Premium.

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