Smartphones have become an all-in-one entertainment center for video, audio, and more. While our smartphones can do seemingly anything like controlling our TVs (our tutorial), for example, the audio sometimes just doesn’t cut it. If you’ve been wondering how to connect your smartphone to your home theater system, there are several simple ways to achieve this.

So how do you connect your iPhone to an SeeMo?

The most common way to connect your iPhone is by using a lightning to HDMI or AUX adapter, or with Airplay on an Apple TV. These methods connect your smartphone to higher-quality speakers, and each method has pros and cons.

While it may seem like a complicated task, connecting your iPhone to your Accsoon SeeMo is easy, however, as I’ve written before, don’t expect a receiver to improve the sound of your music. We’ve previously looked at how to connect your smartphone to a projector on this blog, and similarly, it won’t take long to get your iPhone connected to your speaker system. Below are some of the most common ways to get your iPhone hooked up to an A/V receiver.

Lightning to HDMI Adapter
First, we recommend connecting your iPhone to your receiver with lightning to HDMI adapter. If you’re looking to buy a new A/V receive (our guide), most of our top choices include several HDMI ports along with a variety of other options.

While you are using an HDMI cord you do have to make sure you’re using the MHL HDMI port on the receiver. MHL stands for “mobile high-definition link”, and it’s a relatively new technology that allows you to connect a mobile device to your television with both audio and video capabilities. Look for the MHL port on your A/V receiver and connect to it with a standard HDMI cord.

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