A Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a gadget that empowers extra storage to be immediately added to your network. This gadget facilitates you to share documents or folders in your network. If your home router doesn’t provide you with enough WiFi coverage, it is recommended to go for Netgear extender setup.

Important: Before you interface the NAS to your router, ensure that your NAS is inside a similar IP address range of your netgear router. On the off chance that it’s currently not on a similar portion, change it so it’ll be on the identical network as your device. As a matter of course, the IP address can be changed through mywifiexte.net web-based page.

Here are the do-follow steps to connect a Network Attached Storage to the router.

Step 1:
Associate an Ethernet link from your NAS to any of the ports at the router.

Step 2:

Guarantee that the power connector for the storage link gadget is appropriately and safely connected.

Step 3:

Access the network storage setup page to start your configuration. For guidelines on the most proficient method to access your NAS, continue reading.

Just like Ip webpage, all netgear network storage has an in-built online setup page that enables the client to redo settings and set up advanced properties.

Note: Before getting to the network attached storage’s online setup page, ensure the router is turned on and the PC is wired to the Ethernet ports.

Getting to the Network Storage's Web-Based Setup Page

Step 1:

Pull up an internet browser, for example, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Opera Mini, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2:

Head over to the address bar and enter the IP Address. Once done, press enter key. However, the process is similar to that of accessing the netgear extender router login web-based page.

Important Note: On the off chance that the IP address of the network storage has been changed, type the IP address in the address bar instead. In the event that you forgot the IP address, reset the network system framework. Doing so will make your network storage IP address and every one of the settings to turn back to its default factory settings.

The IP address of network storage can be changed by:

• Running the setup CD.
• Accessing the default web-based setup page to change it.

On the off chance that you forgot the IP address of network storage, you can:

• Check the IP address.
• Press the reset button.

Step 3:

When you are on the administration page, another window will ask for a user name and password. Enter the login credentials and click ok.

Note: In case the secret key of the network storage has been changed, enter the new password instead.

The password of network storage can be changed by:

• Running the setup CD.
• Accessing the online setup page.

So these were the steps to access the web-based setup page for network storage. Make sure that you entered the correct web address, e.g. you can make use of mywifiext.net URL for Linksys wireless range extenders.

Enhancing Your Network

As soon as you have associated your Network Attached Storage to your router, you would now be able to share documents within your network. When the shared folders are configured, you ought to access your network storage on any PC that is associated with your router. To do so, you have to set up Network drive mapping. Once done, try accessing mywifiext.net setup to check whether the network is working properly or not. If not, contact technical experts for immediate help.

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