Writing poetry essays is not everyone’s cup of tea because not everyone can understand the different concepts hidden behind poetry. Poetry essays are all based on understanding the complex meanings and concept hidden behind the difficult wordings of poetry which can be a little painstaking for the students.

So the bottom-line here is to concentrate and focus on the meaning of the poetry in order to write good poem essays, an ideal way is to read the poem and try to understand it on your own, if you face any problem you should consult your teacher for the assistance. This is the only way to get through the difficult writing process of essay on poetry. There are other ways as well to solve the difficulty and that is the following article.

Try to read the following informational text about writing compare and contrast poetry essay which I would be very useful for your essay writing.

First step is about writing the introduction:

As it is a compare and contrast essay, you must focus on telling the readers about the items that you would be comparing and contrasting in poetry essays. At least there should be three items taken from the two poetries that can be compared and contrast in poems essay.

Secondly, state the purpose of writing the essay that would be the thesis statement of your poem essay which would be followed by a brief description of the two poems in the essay.

Second step is about the body paragraphs writing

First body paragraph will deal with comparing issues:

In the first paragraph you must compare at least three points or attributes that are similar in both the poems. BY similar items, I am not saying that you should go for the same words, rather you must look on the same messages or concepts or meaning that are hidden behind the words of the poems.

Second body paragraph will deal with contrasting issues:

Here, you would provide at least three contrasting items taken from both the poems just like you did in the above told first paragraph. Don’t get confuse at all and try to make a pair of two contrasting things taken from both the poems. This will help you in organizing the structure of the essay on poetry as well, not only that it will also save your time a lot if you have made an outline before about the items.

Third body paragraph will deal with conclusion:

Summarize the whole poetry essay into a single paragraph, the conclusion should comprise of a thesis statement that is restated along with the compared and contrasted item list discussed in the essay. You can also provide your personal views about the topic and the result in the end of the poetry essays.

In a nutshell, if you will follow the above told guideline for writing essays on poetry then you will surely be able to grab some grade-winning marks in your essay exams, final words of advice are to understand the meaning of the poetry before commencing to work on poetry essays.

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