Pride and prejudice, an instant hit of its time written by Jane Austen was a story of five sisters who were all near to the age of marriage. The story revolves around searching for grooms especially in the neighborhood area which was the culture of that time. In the era the novel was written was an era where marriages were given the utmost importance for a girl and that has been clearly reflected in the novel.

Jane Austen with a perfect clarity of thought about marriages and love relationships among them which have been described in the play very well, the major theme of the novel Pride that arrives in a relationship turning it in a kind of love-hate relationship and prejudice arrives when there is difference of opinion between loved ones.

Different kinds of love have been portrayed in the novel but you should not talk on all of them, rather take one relationship and discuss it throughout the pride and prejudice essays. We are providing an insight on how to write pride and prejudice essay to help you come up with an excellent piece of writing.

First step is the introduction writing:

In the introductory paragraph of pride and prejudice essay you must state a thesis statement at first that must be solely based on your personal viewpoint about the marriage and relationship cycle in the novel pride and prejudice. It will be more feasible if you would make it an argumentative type of essay. For example the thesis statement could be something like this;

“Elizabeth’s pride and Darcy’s prejudice was the biggest hindrance between the two to get married”

Now, end the paragraph by mentioning a topic sentence that will be supporting the thesis statement as a whole.

Second step is the body writing:

First body paragraph:

Remember, each paragraph should deal with a separate idea, for example you can dedicate the first paragraph to the introduction of Elizabeth and her pride. How was she so much in pride, what were the circumstances? How was she brought up? Why she never tolerate other person?

Second body paragraph:

Here, you must deal with another character in the play that is Darcy and his prejudice, why he was always against the point of views of Elizabeth, you have to underline his brought up circumstance as well.

Third body paragraph:

Now, you will define the situation between them, what was their relationship all about? What kind of fights they gone throughout the novel. You have to clearly state the difference of opinion between them.

Third step is the conclusion:

Wrap up all the work here by restating the thesis statement and all the major facts that you illustrated throughout the pride and prejudice essay. Provide a synopsis of the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth in a single paragraph. Make sure you are not including anything new and contradictory in the conclusion so that they don’t get confused about your opinions.

Hence, the essays on pride and prejudice won’t be a difficult war unless you have read the novel, “Pride and prejudice”

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