You need to understand the dynamics of an interview if you want to write a perfect interview essay. Interview is quite a painstaking process which is usually based on three principles that are Knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA).Students are checked if they possess the above told qualities or not, therefore, they should have to prepare themselves well for writing an interview essay.

Following is a brief guideline for the students who find difficulty in writing their
interview essay easily.

First step:

Where to collect facts from?

Various resources can help you write interview essays, you can search over the internet for online tutorial or guides on how to take an interview. Furthermore, you can also conduct an interview to get the idea on how it is taken. This is how; you would be able to understand the complexities of writing an interview essay.

Second step:

How to organize thoughts?

Once you conducted an interview, you must have all the required material in hands but the question is how to organize them well enough in the interview essay. You must organize all the questions according to the importance, in this way, you would be able to develop an outline for the interview essays.

Third step:

How to write the introduction?

The introduction is the backbone of an essay because it contains all the information which a reader wants to read. An effective introduction consists of a thesis statement that is well-written and well-defined. An ideal way to present an introduction in interview essay is to provide a thesis statement, short background about the person interviewed, an interesting anecdote related to the life of that person. Using anecdote to introduce a person interviewed works well in an interview essay.

Fourth step:

How to write the body?

Here, you will use the outline you crafted in the second step; all those points will be discussed here in detail. Dividing the body into several paragraphs would be useful but make sure they are all well organized and inter connected with each other. Interview essays are more inclined towards the narrative side, so including some quotes from the interview taken would be very useful here. Furthermore, it is recommended that you make use of transitional words and sentences in order to maintain a flow in the interview essay.

Fifth step:

How to write the conclusion?

You will wind up your entire work here, writing an effective conclusion is an art because you have to discuss almost all the thing again in a single paragraph. There are three major elements of a conclusion for interview essay.

1- Mentioning the thesis statement again
2- Short and concise summary of the essay
3- Personal point of view about the interview

Hence, the five step solution for writing an interview essay will get you good grades in your exams, but be careful because most of the students don’t care of minor important things while writing. Final words of advice are to proofread your essay again and again to make sure no problem is left in the interview essay.

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