Today in the world of website content writing, there is this increasing tendency for companies to combine Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing or Promotion. Though completely different, these two balance each other beautifully. There are many companies involved in content writing that have benefitted from this amalgamation. Let us discuss some of the easy ways to combine Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing within a short span of time.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is referred to the group of skill sets that are required for article writing and posting to increase a website’s visibility as well as to improve the rankings on major search engines. The density of traffic will always depend on the frequency of appearance of any website in the content writing industry.

Social Media Promotion

Social Media Promotion is a group of sites which are known a Social Media Networks. These websites help their members, who are often referred to as the community to interact with each other and share as well as exchange information online. Some of the hugely popular and beneficial to website content writing social media network websites are Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flikr, YouTube and LinkedIn. These websites are being used for internet marketing in a large scale by both small and big companies.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM or Social Media Marketing is the oldest form of marketing invented by humans. In layman language, it is referred to as word-of-mouth marketing. This ancient form of marketing has been given a huge boost with the advent of technology and the popularity of social media networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flikr, YouTube and LinkedIn. These social media marketing websites provides a base to their members to share and exchange information with each other.

Combining Search Engine Optimization and Social Media

In website content writing, effective integration of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Promotions will be beneficial for your website and work. The ideas listed below will help you to plan the assimilation of the two.

 Make a detailed plan-of-action. You can do this yourself or take the help of professional website content writing services.

 Develop and forum online to communicate with the members. The ideas that you will receive from the discussions will help you to make your decision about article writing and posting.

 Make a blog for your website where you can post useful information about the service or the products that you are providing. Make sure that you include 100% original SEO content in your blogs as well.

 In content writing, regularly updating your blogs is very necessary. This will keep your readers coming back for more.

 Provide links to other famous social media websites as well. These websites not only deal with business but also with matters that fancy the common people.

 In content writing, become a member to receive
regular RSS feeds that is connected to the topic of your website. RSS feeds will help you with unique contents and will help to maintain the traffic to your site.

During content writing, it may sound easy but initiating the amalgamation process is not what it seems. So don’t waste time and get going!

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