How To Combat Social Anxiety: How To Avoid Being Shy

If you are trying to beat social anxiety, you are not alone. While it's very easy to think, and feel, that no one else understands the problem, then you'd be surprised. It's thought around 10% of people suffer some form of social phobia. This means the problem is relatively widespread and if you want help to beat social anxiety, it is out there.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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There are different methods and approaches. If you are looking at ways at which to deal with social phobia as it happens, there are a couple of techniques which can help in the very short term. One is learn the correct breathing techniques to help slow down heart rate. It's based on deep breaths from the diaphragm. Other tactics to help you beat social anxiety are to make sure you have some topics in mind for possible small talk, so at least you feel prepared and to try and focus on other people in conversations to ease feeling of self conscious.

If you need more long term help not just to beat social anxiety, but to cure it, then more thorough steps need to be taken. It is always possible to see if you can be offered medical help in the shape of drugs, but there are risks in terms of side effects and some people have described being on anti-depressants as if they were "watching their lives on TV"

A longer term approach to trying to beat social anxiety involves undergoing some form of counselling and therapy. This is because when the brain enters its state of fear and nerves, a very basic part of the brain is in control, and thinking "rationally" won't quell nerves and tension. So the secret is to try and avoid getting into this state in the first place, that means your fears have to be addressed and quelled if you are to truly beat social anxiety.

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When you think about remedies for panic attacks, and you are an American, you probably think about medication like muscle relaxants and anti depressants. In fact that might be the first thing that your doctor thinks of as well because in America we have a pill for everything.

The fact of the matter though, is that medication simply masks the symptoms of a panic attacks they are not remedies or cures. In addition they are not long term solutions. No ethical doctor will keep prescribing anti depressants on a continuous basis. This simply means that at some point you are going to have to deal with the problem yourself.

There are really two issues here. First is the cause of the anxiety attack. Just what is it that sent the message to your brain that triggers the panic attacks? This could have been something in your childhood or something that happened last week. Finding this root cause of your anxiety will take time and perhaps therapy.

Then there is the more immediate issue of a remedy for the Anxiety attack itself. Fortunately this is far easier to come by.

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The first step to a remedy is to understand that during a panic attack, your body is simply responding to a false message that has been sent to the brain that you are in immediate danger. This triggers the fight or flight response which is responsible for all those terrible symptoms like shortness of breath and a racing heartbeat.

There are techniques that you can use to interrupt that false message and thereby stop the fight or flight response. Basically they all involve distracting your brain by commanding it to do a new task. These tasks can be as simple as counting backwards or doing math problems in your head.

You can also slow down the symptoms using deep breathing exercises which slow the heartbeat thereby slowing the distribution of adrenalin throughout the system. This gives you a break in which you can focus on getting back to reality.

The best cure or remedy though is to simply understand the panic attack for what it is. It will be temporary, do you no physical harm and will pass in less than 15 minutes. If you just let it wash over you, you will diminish its power over you.

Effective remedies for panic attacks always include an understanding of the event. Proper training can lead to an elimination of anxiety and panic attacks. Your brain causes them, your brain can stop them.

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Panic attacks at night plague many people who are looking for a good nights sleep. Studies have shown that the two major reasons that people lose sleep are physical pain and mental worrying. Many people who have anxiety and panic disorders claim that losing sleep is one of their major problems. Loss of sleep just compounds the problems that people with panic or anxiety disorders suffer from.

People need good quality sleep. If you can sleep through the night, uninterrupted, your body and mind wakes up fresh and relaxed. People who suffer from panic attacks at night typically get maybe an hour or two of sleep at a time. When it comes morning time these people wake up groggy and under stress from their lack of sleep. This lack of sleep just makes their disorder that much harder to deal with.

So what can you do if you are suffering from panic attacks at night?

1) Avoid thing that keep you awake. This may seem obvious to many but you would be surprised at how many people drink a Big Gulp of soda a few hours before bed. You should consciously try to avoid things such as soda, alcohol and nicotine. Make sure you give yourself plenty down time at night and avoid things that keep you awake and you can avoid panic attacks at night.

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2) Try to not concern yourself with sleep. This may seem counter-intuitive but the more you try to force yourself to go to sleep the more likely it is that you stay awake. If you do not relax, your mind starts racing and you do not give your self a chance to fall asleep. Even if your body is tired, anger and frustration can keep you awake and lead to panic attacks at night. If you just lay in bed without concentrating on sleep you will just drift off and sleep through the night.

3) Exercise. Studies have shown that exercise greatly reduces your anxiety. Exercise is effective in lowering your anxiety and it makes you tired. If you go to bed exhausted and with lowered anxiety from exercising you are very likely to fall asleep as soon as you hit the pillow.

If you follow these 3 simple tips you clear your mind from whatever worries are ailing you. Your mind tends to harp on things at night and this keeps a lot of people awake. You tend to analyze thoughts from the day and this can make you anxious and lead to panic attacks at night. The more you think and get riled up the more likely you will have panic attacks at night.

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Panic attack medications are not all that they are cracked up to be. If you are looking to cure yourself of panic and anxiety you are a lot better off opting for a natural cure. Many times a doctor will try to prescribe you panic attack medications then just send you on your way. There are numerous reasons that you should try to avoid them.

Here are 3 good reasons to avoid panic attack medications:

1) The medications are addictive. If you ever decide to stop taking the medications you will need the help of a doctor. These powerful medications are not something that you can decide to stop taking alone. You have to wean yourself off slowly under the close watch of a physician. Is this something you want to ingest into your body daily? A drug so physically addictive that you can actually die from complications when you stop taking it.

2) If you don't stop taking the medications you are going to need to keep increasing the dose. Most people's bodies start to adjust to the medications that they take. When this happens you have to take more of the drug to help you stop feeling anxious. Before you know it you're taking higher and higher doses of extremely addictive drugs. This increase in dose makes it even harder to stop taking them; your addiction just gets worse!

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3) Panic attack medications don't actually fight your real problems. The medications do a good job in drugging you, but they really are not effective in treating your real problems... your actual fear and anxiety. As soon as you stop taking the medications you are going to be right back where you started. The only real way to fight panic is to change the way you react to stress and anxiety. Taking panic attack medications only masks your problem and your symptoms.

A doctor will likely tell you that panic attack medications are a miracle "cure" for you. And they do sound good at first... just take a pill and all of your troubles go away. It's extremely tempting to try to go this route... But make sure you research the anxiety medications you are considering. The probably are not as good as they are made out to be.

The best way to treat panic and anxiety is to really get to the root of your problem and modify your behaviors so you react to anxiety in a productive way. There are tons of exercises you can do that help you get your panic attacks under control. These are all natural, safe, and more effective than taking panic attack medications.

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