4 reasons a hard close won’t work in Network Marketing. 3 reasons the soft sell is a better close in MLM.

What is the best way to close a person when promoting a product or business in MLM? That can only be answered by reverting back to the true concept of Network Marketing.

That concept is to create a residual income. This is done by selling to a customer once and then having them continue to buy from you over and over and over, each and every month without having to resell them again.

With that in mind, you have two choices on how you can close a person. Let’s define each by giving some examples.

1) Hard Close
2) Soft Close

Hard Close
The sales person ends their pitch with this statement “A 5 year old can see that this is a great opportunity.”

Or how about this one….If the prospect says no to the offer, and the sales person says “You must not love your family if you don’t see how this can help them.” (this actually happened to my nephew, yikes)

Soft Close
The sales person ends their presentation with “So what do you think?”
Or even more powerful is this strategy. Remember when you learned how to use the “Problem Solution” Technique? If not, let me refresh you. Before you ever get in front of a prospect, the best approach is to determine if they have a problem where your product or opportunity is the solution.

Now if you have that information, then you can soft close by repeating how you can help them. Let’s say the husband half of a couple has lost their job and that is why they agreed to meet with you. You might close with this: “As you can see, starting your own business with XYZ company is one solution to replacing the income you lost when (insert name) was laid off. What do you think?”

Ok, so we have the two types of close you can use. The following reasons outline why the examples above show that the soft sell is better than the hard sell, especially in Network Marketing.

4 Reasons hard selling rarely works:

• Hard selling makes you appear desperate
• Hard selling intimidates the buyer
• People want to buy, but hate being sold
• People can see through hard selling tactics

3 reasons soft selling is a better approach:

• The buyer feels like they made a good decision
• Soft sell builds trust with the buyer
• A happy buyer will purchase from you again in the future

Now, if you’re selling something to a person one time, and you never plan to have them as a future customer, AND you never plan to get a referral from them, go ahead and hard close them. But let me warn you, this is the worst way to do any kind of sales business. This goes completely against the concept of Network Marketing where you want repeat business to build a residual income.

Still wondering if following the right leader in Network Marketing is important? The fact is, trying to grow your business without the proper skills is like trying to eat soup with a butter knife. You’ll go hungry and give up because it seems difficult. Look for a Master Networker who can help you learn which pitfalls to avoid, so you can succeed in your MLM business.

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