Many people have switched from having a pet, to look after and have fun with, towards having a PC and looking after it, instead. This may sound like something from a science fiction book, or so dumb, that it's not worth saying, but seriously – we compare human health issues with a computer hardware issue, we compare our brain, a living one with a mechanical part of the computer, which is the hard drive.

The problem now is that we sometimes pay attention to the mouse in our hand, rather the one we have as a pet. I would like to remind you, that the name “mouse” comes from the pet mice, not from the plastic computer ones. However, I do to use my computer and it does have an electronic mouse. But I have learned to take care of them both – the pet and the PC's mouse. Here I will explain to you how you may wash both of them.

Of course, you won't be able to wash them both at once. You will need to do it separately. Lets begin with the pet mouse. Mice run from water even more than cats. You probably have heard a saying, which states that mice are the first ones to leave a sinking ship. Getting your mouse to take a full bath can be very troublesome. Yes, it's small, and overall it will not cause you much trouble to simply force it, but just like with every delicate thing, this will be no good for the little fellow.

Best thing that you can do is wash the mouse by hand, with a wet sponge. You could use a special shampoo for it. Human shampoo won't do, but a dog one might. They should stay as a last resort if you are unable to find one especially for mice. London cleaners advice that you work on a table, and not in the bathroom. Also you must not submerge the mouse in any water. If it's used to sit in your hand, it will stay quite calm and you will be able to wash it, without any incident. Use brushing movements while cleaning the fur on the mouse. Afterwards dry it up with a spare towel.

The computer mouse is plastic, but it's electronics make it a water hater. Best thing you can use as a cleaning solution is rubbing alcohol. Even then you are not supposed to pour it directly upon the mouse itself. Spray or pour some on a cloth, that you're going to use for cleaning and wipe the entire surface area of the mouse. I hope you know, that it is best if the mouse is unplugged during this process. Then you may use some Q-tips, and rubbing alcohol, to clean up the tough to reach places on the mouse.

Last but not least, if your mouse is old, and I refer to the computer mouse here, and it works with a ball beneath it, and not with a light sensor, you should clean within the balls chamber. To do this, rotate the circle, which surrounds the ball. It will open the chamber. Extract the ball and rub it with a cloth and some rubbing alcohol. Very carefully use a Q-tips, soaked in rubbing alcohol, to clean the 3 rollers inside the chamber. They are the ones responsible for it's ability to track your movements, and you might want them clean, if you want a good response from it.

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I'm an extravagant lady, with a great name. I'm not as cold as it says – in fact I rather enjoy life, people and all the troubles that come with that. I like art, or should I say – I like ways for people to express themselves. I write, I read and I listen a lot. I have to – since I compensate with a lot of talking. I work as a cleaner in London and have a side business of my own.