If you are going to clean up an abandoned yard, then there are many things you need to do. Creating a plan and following it will save you frustration. Here are some steps you may want to consider taking if you are cleaning up a yard that has been abandoned for way too long.

Pick up Trash

The first thing that you will want to do is pick up the trash in the yard. Make sure to wear gloves and high boots with thick soles as you do not know what you might step on. If there is a lot of trash, then make sure to hire a dumpster to put the trash in as you go. Otherwise, you can simply put it in trash bags and place it on the curb. After you have all the trash gathered, then make a final pass to make sure that none remains.

Remove Fallen Trees

If there are fallen trees on the property, then your next task should be to get rid of them. Start by cutting off the limbs with a chainsaw. Then, cut the main trunk into manageable pieces. You can either use or sell the wood as firewood or haul it away. Some municipalities will even grind it up for you to make mulch for their landscaping projects or use a chipper to grind it yourself. After the tree has been removed, make sure to pick up any remaining sticks.


The next step is to mow the grass. If you don’t already have a lawn mower, like those from Cox Mowers, then you should definitely invest in one. You may have to make several passes depending on the strength of your mower with each one getting a little shorter than the one before it. While you should have already picked up all the trash, keep an eye out for any that you have missed so that it does not hurt the blades. It is best to wear eye protection so that flying grass and debris does not get in your eyes. Also, make sure that everyone stays away from where the mower is ejecting the cut grass.


You have now cleaned up the yard. Make a new plan allowing you to create a beautiful space for you and your family to enjoy. Plant flowers, shrubs and trees that will bloom throughout the year. Think about adding water features. You may even want to build a patio or an outdoor kitchen.

Consider these ideas to help you turn a neglected yard into a beautiful oasis. The result is one that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Author's Bio: 

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.