Cleaning Boat T-Tops And Other Accessories

A fishing boat is a very special asset of any sailor or fisherman. It gives the owner great pride to be able to take the boat out to sea and enjoy a memorable fishing trip. But as with any other structure, a fishing boat too requires constant maintenance and cleaning to ensure it remains in good condition for a longer period of time. Furthermore, if you invest some time in frequent cleaning and maintenance, it would reduce the occurrence of very costly repairs and replacements.

T-tops are a very important part of your boat. Although it provides shelter and protection for the vessel the structure itself does not get any protection. Therefore it is an area prone to dirt accumulation and requires careful cleaning. It is recommended to clean the structure with fresh water and wipe down thoroughly with a soft cotton cloth after taking the boat out to water. You could also use specialized protectant on the anodized aluminum, stainless steel or chrome finishes which will give extended protection against spots, corrosion and oxidation.

You will also need to pay close attention to cleaning seating such as a boat bench seat. The upholstery of these seats should be kept clean and dry as if any damage does set in a repair or replacement would be quite costly and sometimes time consuming. It would be best to avoid chlorine based cleaning products and harsh chemicals such as bleach as they could damage the upholstery material. Vinyl covers are the most common material used in boat seats and leaning posts and can be cleaning with a soft wash cloth and mild soap. This should be followed by wiping dry and allowing to air dry thoroughly. Other areas which require frequent cleaning include:

  • Carpets and flooring
  • Boat bilges
  • Fishing cleaning station
  • Boat consoles
  • The hull
  • Boat trailer

How To Clean Other Protective Structures

The boat canvas is an important part of protecting your boat from harsh environmental conditions. Therefore you should always check the canvas for signs of deterioration or tears and fix them before they become significantly large and can no longer provide the protection expected out of them. It is recommended to brush off loose dirt and hosing down the cloth. Using a soft bristled brush any tough stains can be scrubbed off leaving the cover clean and ready for use.

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Jerome Julian is a passionate fishermen writes about fishing leaning post, boat bench seat, fish cleaning tables and other marine accessories. Jerome Julian enjoys boating and sea life over years.