The chainsaw is a portable mechanical saw which or that used in activities such as tree pruning, felling, bucking, cutting firebreaks and so on. But it needs regular maintenance, cleaning, and care to keep it running readily and safely. For improving its performance, keeping your chainsaw is needed. Especially you should clean the chain and the bar daily after used but the maintenance of the gas tank and cleaning it out and checking the fuel filter need to happen only once a month at least.

Here, in this content, I’m going to discuss how to clean chainsaw properly and regularly. My chainsaw is an electric chainsaw of Husqvarna. So, I’m going to give you an instruction on how to clean an electronic chainsaw step by step.

Things you need
 Dish soap
 Toothbrush
 Spark plug wrench
 Gasoline
 Cotton swab
 Oil (SAE 30)
 Rag

How to clean an electric (Husqvarna) chainsaw: The process is described in below-
1. First of all, put the chainsaw in a secure place such as on a stable workbench or floor and ensure that the chain is not touching anything. And obviously, be sure to disconnect the chainsaw from any power source. Then you have to remove the chain from the guide bar and clean it. Brush it off with a toothbrush. Soak the chain in household ammonia in a plastic bucket to clean it out. Make sure to work in a ventilated area and use gloves and eye protection when working.

2. Dip the chain in the oil and hang it up to air dry for a few minutes. Reattach the chain to the guide bar. Adjust the knob for tightening it around the guide bar.

3. After taking off the cover, remove the filter. Please do it by hand, don’t use any tools to pry it. Because it may damage. Clean it by soaking it in the solution (water and dish soap) and let it dry overnight.

4. Then unscrew the oil plug cleanse the oil and pour gasoline into it and refill the crankcase with fresh SAE 30 oil.

5. After that clean the cooling fins with a cotton swab and also use the swab or solvent to clean the outside of the carburetor. And finally, reattach them.

6. And with a rag wipe off the sprocket, and clean out the lubrication holes.

7. Fix it up as before. And make sure you fixed it up in a proper way.

• Always unplug your electric chainsaw before cleaning.
• Always obey the safety guidelines when you are working with ammonia or other household chemicals.
• Use safety glasses when you are working.

That’s all for today’s content, guys. And my last suggestion is to store your chainsaw in a secure, clean and stable place when it not in use. And clean it properly after using it every time. Because its chain gets dirty and if you don’t clean it then it may damage.
So, guys, I hope this instruction will be effective for you all. Let me know your opinion in the comments section! Let us know what you think and be sure to share these great ideas with your family and loved ones!

Thanks for being with us!

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