You need to take extra care to clean the carbon steel paella pan. It can easily rust and can deprive you of the chance to put it into good use. It has to be seasoned before the first use and cleaned thoroughly after many uses. The carbon steel pans must not be placed in the dishwasher because it will rust. The simple way to tidy it is to follow some methods.

● Before the use

You have to pour ¼ inch of water in a pan and also put in a splash of white vinegar. You have to set the pan in mild heat till the bubbles come at the bottom. This will take off the feature of the manufacturer’s anti-rust coating. Put in water and vinegar to clean the pan thoroughly with soap. Then dry the pan with a dry kitchen towel paper and then utilize a kitchen towel paper with olive for sealing the surface of the pan.

● When in use

You have to clean the pan well with soapy water that is hot and also a steel wood pad. Then soak the pan for some hours to loosen the dirty particles. Clean and dry well to lightly apply the coat with fresh oil. You have to store it in a place without moisture. After use, wipe the oil coating with a little bit of orange residue on the towel. If you skip doing this process, then the pan will rust easily. But if you forget to do these, then try scrubbing off the rust with the steel wool. After this, wash the pan and coat it with oil.

● For the users of ceramic and induction

The conventional paella pan will have a dimpled bottom. This is present in the pan for even cooking and unmoveable pan. The dimpled pan is complex and is not suitable for the smooth burner. There is a specialized pan flat bottomed for the smooth cooktop uses.

How to remove the rust in the paella pan?

The most formidable enemy of the paella pan is rust. The key to avoiding rust is to keep the pan dry. You can begin by wiping the excess water by using the kitchen towel paper or a lint-free towel. Then keep the pan in the burner or in the oven to vaporize any of the moisture that is still in the pan. If you do not find any rust, then you can use the metal scouring pan stainless steel or copper, which is suitable for this process. You can also use hot water to take it off. Then after that, re-season the pan with the process you opt for.

Sometimes there is grime that can get stuck at the surface of the pan. The pan will need thorough cleaning if there is sticky stuff in it as it can ruin your cooking. You can heat the pan and remove it from the heat to add salt. Use the kitchen towel paper to rub the moisture on the surface. This is a kind of treatment you have to give for the carbon steel paella pan.

These are the methods you can use to clean the paella pan. For more information visit the website has sharing pans reviews and guide.

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