With time, car's headlights accumulate dust, dirt and get dull, leading to a driving hazard, to say the least. With time removing all that dirt becomes harder and harder. Here I will tell you how to clear your headlights once again, to give them back their effectiveness, by following these simple guidelines.

You will need a few items to do this:

1.A soft cloth
2.A window cleaner
3.A sandpaper, of 1000, 1,500 an 2000 number
4.A headlight cleaner
5.Blue duct tape

To begin with, run your car through a car wash, to remove any soils, grits and dirts from it. Then use the duct tape, putting it around both headlights, to separate them from the chrome and painted metal body parts of the car, protecting the paint.

Now you can begin the clearing of the headlights. Removals in Forest hill say to begin this by wiping the headlights with a headlight cleaner or window cleaner. Sprinkle some on the headlight and rub with a soft cloth, in circular motions. This will take up to 10 minutes before you see any difference, so keep on it.

Once it's done soak 1000 sandpaper into a bowl of cold water for 10 minutes. Then use it to wipe the headlights, rubbing in only one direction. Periodically moisten the headlights with water, to remove any scrubbed dirt and wipe with a cloth. Afterwards polish the headlights again with the soft cloth and headlight cleaner.

A tip from Forest Hill removals here – wiping the headlights while scrubbing will allow you to monitor your progress, since some headlights will require less and some – more, of the scrubbing.

Afterwards, keep repeating the above operations with the 1,500 and 2000 sandpaper. Once you're done, finish up the job with a final polishing with a window cleaner. Use the 1000 sand paper again, this time rubbing under a 90 degree angle, to the previous rubbing.

Finally, remove the duct tape and wipe once again, with a window cleaner all of the surrounding painted and chromed areas.

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