A Miami car accident lawyer is a kind of personal injury lawyer attorney in Miami who specializes in car accident cases. Many law firms devote themselves to personal injury alone because it has such a vast range of circumstances leading to impairment or death. Car accidents are one of them falling under the broad category of vehicle accidents which include truck, motorcycle, boating and drunk driver accidents.

California ranks first in the number of automobile accident related deaths in USA, and the state of Florida follows next, so a car accident attorney in Miami is an important person, because it is their aim that their clients should be compensated as soon as possible in a fair manner, for loss of work as well as medical bills.

In order to claim for Car accident compensation in Miami, it is imperative to have a car accident attorney Miami to help you. In fact before you take their help, they advise you to do the following:

1. Halt and apprise the situation
2. Call 911
3. If you are able to, get the statements from witnesses, and write down the tag numbers of the vehicles involved in the accident
4. Take photographs of the damage your vehicle has suffered and also the other vehicle/s involved in the accident.
5. When the police arrive, speak only to them
6. Check the police report to see if it is accurate
7. Do not sign anything and do not commit that it is your fault

Call an accident lawyer Miami when you are able to. Most of them can answer your questions about your injury over the phone itself. What they do from then on is on a contingency basis. They recover their fees from you only if they get you a favorable verdict or settlement.

The lawyer then does the following:

- Opens up a line of communication with the other party’s insurer,
- Obtains evidence required to fix liability,
- Puts in order your medical bills and records and coordinates with your health care provider to fill in the missing ones.
- Works with the doctors to prepare the medical information needed to claim compensation.
- To prove the liability, the evidence has to be prepared and presented by the attorney. He or she has to negotiate with the lien holders on the settlement amount to reduce their claims.
- Work out a satisfactory settlement with the defense attorney or the claims adjuster.

Though many feel they can claim damages on their own, if you can afford the commission or charges, it is better you hire a car accident lawyer to save you a lot of trouble.

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