The first months of one's children's lives are the most complicated, but also the most beautiful to live. Especially if it's their first child. Every day you discover something new and you can tell from the tears what our baby wants. The older they grow up, the more autonomous they are and can even sleep in their own room. But it is here that their parents' first anxieties begin to arise: as they can no longer listen to their breath, they get up every hour to see if everything is all right. This is why baby monitors were invented, electronic devices that allow you to listen to your children's breath. But that's not all.

The latest models also have a camera that allows you to have video contact with the baby and control every single movement. As soon as the baby starts to cry, you can see directly from the monitor or smartphone application what is happening.

It is no coincidence that baby monitors are becoming increasingly smart and connected and able to communicate with other smart home devices so that parents can control everything via their smartphone. But baby monitors are not all the same, each one has its own characteristics and peculiarities. And choosing the baby monitor for your home is not easy. You have to understand exactly what you need, while also taking into account the security of the device. Here are some tips to follow before you buy a baby monitor.

If you have to buy a baby monitor, the first thing to take into account are the technical features. Easytobemomsuggests that the devices keep your children under control are very different from the past, just think that you can buy a baby monitor that tells fairy tales to your children. But some features that certainly can not miss are the night vision and a dual audio channel to listen to the best sounds of the bedroom. In addition, it must also provide a push notification service in case any suspicious movement is detected in the bedroom. In short, the feature that should not be missing in a baby monitor is the connectivity and the ability to connect it with your smartphone.

Lately, many parents prefer to buy a surveillance camera rather than a baby monitor. And the choice is not wrong. In fact, the differences between the two devices are now minimal. For example, a Nest camera, even if it is not a baby monitor, offers the same features. It allows you to control the movements of your baby around the clock and thanks to the speakers you can also listen to the breath. And there are also alerts on your smartphone.

In addition, IP cameras can also be connected to the smart home and communicate with other devices, so as to build a video surveillance system extended to the whole house.
Modern" baby monitors can be used in a variety of ways. For example, thanks to the secondary screen that shows all the images taken by the device, you can watch television and at the same time monitor your child's situation. In addition, thanks to the applications available for the smartphone, the user will also be able to monitor their child remotely.

One of the features to take into account is the safety of your device. Connected devices have become the main target of hackers. Increasingly, hackers are trying to get hold of devices such as baby monitors in order to steal personal data or launch a DDoS attack. For this reason, when you decide to purchase and install a baby monitor, you should immediately change your password and all security settings so that hackers can't exploit any holes in the software.

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