It seems incredible, but sometimes - not so long ago - people could only see the time in a small device on their wrist. That time that your cell phone tells you all the time, that changes when you have to and that never causes you problems. When cell phones became the quintessential gadget to confirm what time of day we are, it seemed that wristwatches would be in decline, but quite the opposite happened. Here you can get more ideas with reading best Garmin Triathlon watch on WatchmakerNotes.

Maybe it's because it's overwhelming to take your phone out of your pocket while trying to keep your balance on public transport, because it's much more discreet to see a watch than to take out your cell phone to know how long you've been in that hellish meeting or maybe it's because they look much more elegant and the authenticity of having it tied to your body is a sign of sophistication. Hand watches are still here and today they have acquired an additional relevance: one of four people who wear watches confesses that they use watches as an accessory to complement their look.

As good accessories, watches are unambiguous indicators of our style, who we are and the personality we want to communicate to others, so knowing how to choose it is as important as choosing the shoes or the bag that matches your outfit. You do not need to get many, you just have to find the one that fits your style, although, never do, never use a digital watch, unless you are trying to teach bad taste.

Yoga pants - even if you never go to class - a light and loose blouse to allow you to make all the movements you need when you are looking for series to watch, a sweatshirt to cover you regardless of the weather or the situation and your feet permanently covered by tennis. The sports style is universal and the truth is that it can be extremely sexy and comfortable with ease.

You don't want to see yourself very untidy, but you also don't plan to put too much production into your outfit every morning. Who could blame you? It is really an art to find the perfect balance between an appropriate appearance for the office, meet your partner's mother or go for some beers in the afternoon and also allow us to feel comfortable.

Punk rock
Leather and stools everywhere. Maybe some lace, the always faithful denim - preferably in dark tones, ok better black - and any extravagant pattern you find. If you love this style, of course you should look for them on your watch. An extensible leather in dark tone will look classic and elegant and a metal with a rougher look will be the perfect complement to this type of look.

You know, something that would have looked good in Woodstock or that would fit perfectly in Coachella. Straw hats, sandals, ponchos and scarves for the colder times. Watches in contrasting tones or something more classic or retro will be ideal to complement this look. If you find something that could easily have come out of a small antique store, the better. Metal extensibles are not highly recommended in this case.

Monochromatic, classic and sophisticated. Whether you have to go to an event or by choice, we all have to leave aside the superhero shirts and low shoes to bring out our inner spy. There is no elegant outfit without a watch, it is essential in this look. But it's quite simple, there aren't many roads you can go to. An extensible leather and a simple, minimalist and complete form.

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