Many people overlook traditional radiators when choosing their home heating system. This is often because they believe these traditional radiators to be less economic than modern ones or too expensive. However cast iron radiators are actually very efficient and are available at some affordable prices.

Traditional radiators can add a stunning feature to any room. They have a classic design which never goes out of fashion and can fit in with modern home styles just as well as traditional ones. Cast iron radiators can be a very practical and attractive addition to your home.

Sourcing Traditional Radiators

Traditional radiators have become very popular in the last few years. There are now several manufacturers that make reproduction cast iron radiators using a mix of traditional and contemporary techniques. This means you can purchase brand new cast iron radiators that come ready to install straight into your home heating system.

You can also get reclaimed traditional radiators from specialist suppliers, reclamation yards and antique dealers. These are original radiators that have been saved from house renovations and clearances and tidied up for resale. Cast iron traditional radiators last a long time if looked after properly. Some of these reclaimed radiators are authentic antiques and are still in full working condition.

Choosing New Traditional Style Radiators

Buying new traditional style radiators can be a convenient and affordable option. There are some good deals available if you take the time to shop around. You will also have the opportunity to order radiators to fit your specifications (size, shape and colour). This is ideal if you have a particular interior style in mind.

However you do need to make sure that the radiators will arrive fully assembled and finished. Some of the cheaper reproduction radiators will still require painting and assembling. This is not an easy job and you may have to pay someone to finish the radiators before they can be installed. This adds to the overall costs and in most cases it will make more financial sense for you to spend a bit more and make sure the radiators are fully assembled.

Choosing Reclaimed Traditional Radiators

When buying reclaimed traditional radiators you need to use reliable sellers. They will have tested the radiators before they sell them to ensure they have no leaks or cracks. Make sure you get a guarantee that the radiators are in full working condition. You will not be able to tell in most case just by looking. This means you may not find any faults until after the radiators have been plumbed into your systems.

Also check before you install the radiators that they have been thoroughly flushed through. This will remove any sediment before you plumb them into your heating system.

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You can buy both new and reclaimed cast iron radiators on the market. Traditional radiators are both attractive and functional and can add a stunning feature to any room.