If you are suffering from chronic knee, back, and joint pain, kidney disease and are looking for an alternative to surgery or a transplant then you may want to consider stem cell therapy as an option. However, as stem cell procedures gain popularity, many stem cell clinics have started making claims that have never been proven. These clinics often advertise a long list of stem cell procedures for various ailments.

The use of stem cell injections to treat orthopedic problems, such as back pain or knee pain, is still one of the few medical applications supported by scientific research. How do you know which conditions stem cells can treat successfully and which clinics are legitimate? Here is some valuable information to guide you in the right direction:

Checklist For Choosing The Right Stem Cell Clinic

It should be owned or operated by a licensed physician. Many illegitimate stem cell clinics are owned by chiropractors who manage the nursing staff. They mark their clinics as sources of stem cell treatment even though they do not employ doctors and do not have the necessary equipment for stem cell procedures. A legitimate stem cell clinic will be owned or operated by a licensed physician who guarantees the success and safety of each procedure.

It should be maintained by trained injection specialists, usually nurses. Stem cell injections require precision technique and full knowledge of best practices. Only consider stem cell practices with experienced and trained injection specialists.

Legitimate stem cell clinics perform Image-Guided Procedures Reliable stem cell practices use imaging to ensure precise placement of the stem cell injection for each procedure. The doctor must place the injection at the target site both above and below the surface. Most illicit clinics are forgoing image-guided stem cell injections due to equipment costs and lack of training.

It shows detailed patient reviews and case studies. Request authentic patient reviews and in-depth patient case studies from the clinic. Legitimate stem cell practices document their case studies to track the outcome and improvement of each procedure. If a clinic can't or won't produce them for you, then you'll want to look elsewhere.

It practices Autologous Cellular Sources as a reliable stem cell clinic that uses Autologous sources which minimize immune system responses and ensure that the body accepts stem cells without complications.

So if you are looking for a Stem Cell Therapy Clinic in Pakistan, R3 Stem Cell Pakistan is the best Certified Stem Cell Therapy Clinic in Pakistan that benefits patients with alternative approaches using Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicines that support treat major chronic diseases, including neurological dysfunctions and autoimmune diseases.

The use of the Umbilical Cord and Amniotic Stem Cells brings potential results that restore energy to the life of a patient with chronic diseases. Their treatments are verified by the Pakistan Medicines Regulatory Agency (DRAP) to provide quality patient care. In addition, it is the only stem cell therapy hospital in Pakistan that uses the treatment methods regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States.

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