With there are some many options available when it comes to bar tables online, you might feel daunted while buying the right piece for your bar or restaurant. Here is detailed information on some of the wide used materials for manufacturing bar tables.

The decor of your bar or restaurant is the first thing that your customers notice as they enter. The more you offer them a warm, beautiful setup, the more they are likely to pay more visits to your bar. So, it is important to choose every furniture piece you buy carefully including bar tables. With an array of finest quality bar tables online in terms of looks, durability and price, you need to be very sure of the type of product you have been looking for.

Following here are some points you should be aware of while purchasing bar tables that can deck up your bar beautifully.


In comparison to residential tables, commercial grade restaurant or bar tables act as a more responsible choice when it comes to bar furnishing. Being manufactured by using high-grade materials, it can withstand extensive usage as demanded by the restaurant industry. While you operate on a hospitality environment where you can experience high traffic, you just cannot opt for replacing the furniture pieces frequently. That’s the reason you want durable furniture for your bar.


Before buying any high-quality bar table, you must consider the aesthetical essence of the environment and design of your entire decor. Commercial tall bar tables which complements the interior and exterior decor of your bar are what you should purchase rather than buying an outlandish piece that looks good but doesn’t fit in.

Materials used

Material of the bar table is another aspect to look during this buying process. There is a wide range of options available and evaluating all of them will help in choosing the right piece. Whether you want a table with wooden table top for that warm rustic appeal that matches well with the overall ambience of your space or you need a granite made table top for making it stronger and more functional, you can get multiple options to choose from.

Notably, granite is a brilliant choice for construction of bar tables because it adds additional value. Moreover, it comes with anti-bacterial properties and thus, you do not need to worry about the issues of bacterial contamination of your table. By offering a luminous look, these tables can set the right mood for people and make their stay pleasing. They are heat resistant, easy to clean but, might leave a permanent stain if get sealed along with a stain that was existing earlier. Though, their value does not depreciate, they can crack if exposed to the pressure of any sharp and hard object. Being considered as a heavy material, it might require additional structural support as well. However, once they are fixed with the table base, they can’t be removed easily.

Another conventional yet mostly used material for manufacturing tall bar tables is wood. Though, it has lost its wide prominence over the past years, you cannot simply ignore the type of finish, style and elegance that wooden table tops come with. Though there is preconceived notion that wood is more prone to bacterial infections, recent studies have shown that they die within 3 minutes as they are exposed to contaminated wood made cutting boards. Moreover, researchers have also found that wood is bacteria-wise, safer compared to plastic and thus, considered to be a better choice. Wood bar tables are typically made by using solid maple wood and other varieties such as oak, walnut and cherry. These tables are made by using different ways. Wood-made tables are given a finish with some type of varnish or mineral oil.

By now, we hope you have gathered ample information about the different types of materials used for crafting finely built bar tables online. Knowing the features of each material right will help you identify which one will serve your requirements right thereby, leading you to take the best decision.

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David Collingwood is an interior designer and has been into the industry for quite some time. With technical expertise and an idea about the trending designs, he can help you buy the right set of bar tables online. He has written a list of columns and blogs related to this industry thereby letting the readers stay updated.