A Car Jack Stand seems like the most convenient option to change the tire of your car in case of an emergency. Most people usually have a jack stand in their boot area of the car due to its small size and great convenience of use. Anyone can install a jack stand to change tire or work under the car, which ensures better usability.
The alternative option is car ramp, but they aren't portable at all, so very few people consider them as a great choice. So, if you have decided that you want to get a jack stand, then you have to be specific with the type, model, and working factor. Getting the right jack stand is impossible if you don't look at essential aspects.

So, here we made a list of some crucial factors to take a look at. Let’s begin –

Consider The Type of Vehicle

You have to begin the research based on the type of vehicle. For instance, you have a mini car, then a lightweight stand can work effectively, but if you are going for a van or heavy-weight vehicles, then you need something serious which can provide a sturdy body. If a jack stand is made of the poor quality frame, then it might collapse during the use, and the risk factor definitely increases in such cases for a better quality deal.

Don’t Get Tricked with Weight Rating

Jack stands are sold in pairs, and when you buy them, you can find the weight rating mentioned in the description. Don't get tricked with the rating because this rating is mentioned for the whole pair. So, four tons of rating means that a single jack stand is capable of taking two tons of weight in an effective manner. Always choose jack stand which has at least 20% extra weight taking capacity than you might be using

Maximum Height of Lift

All you need is a couple of extra inches to get under the car and fix problems. Due to this, you should get a jack stand which can easily take more weight and allow you to lift automobile by 15 inches for a better view. But, the maximum height is actually more than the mentioned number, and you can check it while finalizing the purchase. For SUVs, you need slightly extra height because they have poor ground clearance.

Construction Material and Locking Mechanism

Always go with the high build quality, and the use of sturdy material. There are lightweight metals preferred to create a better design that can handle the excessive weight and provide safety at the same time. Most of the time, manufacturers go with alloys to enhance strength, durability, and several other aspects for better usability. You should also look at the safety features and locking mechanism to ensure a safer purchase.

Bottom Line

After taking a close look at these four aspects and checking our reviews about a particular product, you can easily finalize that which one is better for your specific need and why. We hope that this jack stand buying guide will help you figure out a quality deal.

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