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Spent hours on deciding the perfect hashtags after all the time used in editing your picture to Instagram perfection, but still couldn’t find filter out the best ones? #this, #that...what to hashtag and how many to hashtag? If you’re still pondering over this after putting up posts with either too many hashtags or too little, worry no more. I am here to cover you up with a guide to get your hashtag basics right.

Now, why should your hashtags be on point?

Hashtags categorize your content and make it discoverable. When a hashtag is searched or clicked, your content might be discovered if it contains the same tag. Therefore hashtags play a crucial role in getting more likes on Instagram. Read on to find out the top tricks used by experts to slay their hashtag game:

Play the Relevance card first

Avoid using irrelevant hashtags at all costs, I repeat, AT ALL COSTS. Irrelevant hashtags make your posts ‘spammy’, monotonous and your followers might lose interest. Use hashtags that describe your post, your business, and your audience. For example, if you are a company promoting pottery, use hashtags like #pots, #paint, #decor, etc instead of just trying to fill up your space with hashtags which don’t even have a remote connection to your post.

The right amount of tagging

If you are offered 30 doughnuts, do you take all of them? Definitely, not (if you don’t want diabetes). Instagram offers 30 hashtags but using all of them is not necessary all the time. Using the optimum amount to not overwhelm your followers and drop a message that says, 'I just want attention!’. Don’t put more hashtags on your post just because you have read it somewhere -- it’s completely okay to not exhaust the full capacity all the damn time. Use fewer hashtags but make them super relevant and engaging for your audience.

Analyze the clicks on your hashtags

If you’ve switched to a business account, congratulations, you can now analyze which of your hashtags are appealing to your audience. Use the ‘View Insights’ option on individual posts to see how they’re doing. You can compare the number of impressions created by your hashtags and look out for the ones gaining a maximum number of searches and clicks. It doesn’t require a genius to figure out which ones to use now ;)

The Story of my Hash

Since Instagram (not One Direction, sillies) has blessed you with adding hashtags to your Instagram story, it’s time to make full use of it. Add a couple of funky hashtags to your story. It gives it an additional chance to be discovered by audiences. When the hashtag is searched for, your story might get a chance to be featured on that list. It is advised to add a single hashtag using the # sticker, otherwise, it might destroy the chic vibe of your story.

The Brand Tag

What can be more personalized than creating a hashtag for your very own brand? Try creating one for your brand and tag all your content with it. Keep it short and simple for people to remember it easily. Use your ‘Brand Tag’ in your stories and also add it to your Instagram bio to publicize it on a larger scale. Who knows what wonders this small word can do for your business? If your content is good enough, it might just turn out to be trending hashtag!

The Secret of Eternity

Instagram has also been generous enough to allow you to follow hashtags now. You can stay up to date on topics that are trending among the Instagrammers. You will be able to analyze what content is curated around what kind of hashtags. If you’ve already created a personalized hashtag for your brand, this is the entrance to paradise. Invite your followers and fans to follow your hashtag and then your content has greater chances of appearing in followers’ feeds, which means double the amount of engagement.

We’ve now updated you with all the tips and tricks you needed to select the right hashtags to make your Instagram profile a treat for your followers. Now, just sit back, relax and let your hashtags do the talking!

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Kathy Mitchell is a writer and avid researcher on the subject of health, beauty, nutrition, and general wellness. She likes to go out with her friends, travel, swim and practice yoga.