The fact is that shopping for the right bike for you or for your children is a very daunting and an overwhelming task. Bikes are sized strategically and if you don’t choose the right for you, then you may have a bad biking experience. Kids like bikes that are easy to ride and the ones that are sized the right way. If you have had a bad experience looking for the best bike for you or for your son/daughter, then take a deep breathe and relax. In this article, I have compiled a list of the key factors that you should consider in this case.

Best bike

Check online

The growing popularity of ordering bikes online is making things easier now. You can be able to narrow your choices and get the right bike for you delivered at your door steps. Most of the sites will at all cost help you choose. They will help you get the best bikes for children of any age and even for people of different sizes, tastes and preferences.

I know when we talk about ordering bikes online; you are worried about having to test your bike before you buy it. Most of the sites today give you a chance to test the bike and if it is not the right for you, you can always get it back and ask for refund or replacement. If you want to shop a bike online for you or for your children, then have a peak at this website .

Filter your needs

Most of the people walk to a bike shop without having to filter their needs well. Most of them will tell you that they are coming to look for a really cool bike without having to consider other factors. The fact is that your needs determines what exactly you want and may have an impact on your general satisfaction. You need to determine whether you want a mountain bike or a cruiser. There’s a huge difference here and for this reason you must be very precise based on your needs.

A mountain bike is meant for off-road use. However, you can use them on pavements too. Road bikes are built for speed and hence they are meant for ridding in the pavements such as in the city. On the other hand, Hybrid bikes are a cross between mountain and road bikes. What this means is that they are not as fast as the road bike or even as rugged as mountain bikes. However, they are good for commuting and for this reason are ideal for off-road trails. Cruisers are casual bikes for cruising. In fact these are the bikes you find people riding on the beach and other places on a daily basis.

Check the bikes size

This is the other most important factor that you should consider before you finalize your purchase. You need to have the best bike in terms of size. You have to consider your height first. If you are tall, then you need a bigger bike. If you are short, then a juvenile bike can fit you. You are likely to be uncomfortable when you are riding on a smaller bike or a bike that is bigger than you.

Most of the time, people have a hard time determining a bike that fits them well. However, there are several ways through which you can measure the size of the bike and come up with the right size for you. The ideal frame size is entirely based on the bike you choose, your inseam and your height. The good thing is that there’s a quick rule of thumb that you should apply here. The frame size should be about .65 times your inseam.


The other factor is how much you are willing and able to spend. When you are looking for a bike, then you have to look for the one that matches your budget. The reality of the matter is that bikes can be expensive and for this reason you should be extra careful when you are narrowing your choices. However, you can find bikes as cheap as $80 and others as expensive as $1,000 or higher.

Consider what you will be doing with the bike

Although this will not have an huge impact on your decisions, you need to put it into considerations. You first of all have to determine what type of riding you will be doing with the bicycle. Leisure riding, commuting or road ridding are some of the most common uses. Leisure ridding can range from a few meters to the shop, few minutes ride to meet with your mates or just ridding along the streets for few minutes. In this case, you don’t have to go for the most expensive bike but you need to choose the one that can handle different situations. You can go for a hybrid bike because it maintains the stability and the durability of a mountain bike and the efficiency of a lightweight bike.

For commuting to and from your work place, you need to choose a bike that is comfortable, lightweight and the one that doesn’t have hard pedals. If you are getting a bike for road ridding, then you can consider the one that is fast but lightweight.

Consider your fitness level

This is another key factor when choosing a bike for you. You need to consider how fit you are and check if you have any joint or mobility problems. These are the problems that can hinder your ridding ability. In this case, you may consider other forms of bikes such as electric bikes or mountain bikes. You can as well choose a hybrid bike with an upright riding position if comfort is a factor to you.

The bottom line

As you have seen above, it takes time to get a bike that will make you comfortable and be happy about. There are a couple of factors to consider and so you need to take time to check on them and narrow your choices accordingly. There are several other factors but the above are the most influential.

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