The features to take into account when you want to buy a hoverboard, which we detail below:

• What type of users are you
• Different modes (freestyle mode or sport mode)
• Autonomy
• Battery Type
• Price: Watch out for scams!
• Minimum age
• Maximum weight supported
• Max speed and distance
• Accessories
• Built-in Bluetooth speakers
• Design / color
• Origin

But first, what is a hoverboard?

It is the trendiest way of travel of the moment. These models are snapping up lately! The gyro-skate is a device that combines style, design and high-tech to make it an electric device appreciated by all. This is the big fashion in the United States! Completely electric, it allows to move without effort and without pollution. They are rechargeable via an electrical outlet and you can add to that a simple use since there is only one button to turn on or off the skateboard. You just have to keep the balance (which is not rocket science after a few tries). Indeed, the electric skateboard works by transfer of weight , that is to say that by leaning forward you advance, forcing on a foot turn, etc. (To know more about its use, do not hesitate to read our section How does it work? ).
In addition, it has a battery indicator and on / off, for a clear and simple use. In short, a technological revolution, so all you have to do is choose yours and enjoy!

What type of user are you?
Before buying an electric skateboard, you must first ask yourself why you are going to use it. Is it just for your daily commute to the city, like going to work for example? Or for less stable terrain, like country roads, or to have fun with your friends in a skate park? Because according to your use there are more or less adapted models. Indeed, some fastest hoverboards have a single mode of operation, useful for daily commutes in the city or to go fast, while others have two modes of use, a freestyle mode and a beginner mode.

Different modes the beginner mode:
First of all, to activate it just turn on your electric skate by pressing the "ON" button once. This mode is very good to start using the hoverboard or to go fast in a straight line. This makes your skateboard heavier, more stable and easier to control. This is perfect for starting and learning to hold on or to race. Indeed, it is better to prefer this mode if you do not want to fall when you advance to the maximum speed of your hoverboard.

Freestyle mode (or sport mode):
To activate this mode you have to press the "ON" button twice (you hear a beep, which confirms that the electric skateboard is in freestyle mode). Once activated, the hoverboard is much more flexible and thus more sensitive to the movements of your body. You can turn much easier and faster but it also makes it harder to control. So avoid if you plan to go very quickly with your gear, you could end up on the ground!

It is also an important feature to consider. The battery takes on average 20km(about 2h30) for a classic adult model. We must think about its destination and how long we will use it so as not to be burdened with having to wear his hoverboard. Because once the battery is empty, you will need to bring your gyro-skate to a place to load it, and they can weigh up to 15kg, which is not all light. However the big advantage is that the battery takes only 2 hours to recharge.

Battery Type
Speaking of autonomy, the type of battery is also essential. There are several types to operate this electric machine. As you may have seen or read, some hoverboards caught fire because of a faulty battery. Do not worry, your smart board will not catch fire, just avoid buying them on a dubious site, such as a Chinese site. But other trusted sites use Samsung batteries thus guaranteeing a certain quality.

The price depends of course on the model of the hoverboard. But for a classic model, you will find a good quality between 300 and 500 euros. If the price is lower (or even higher), the quality will surely not be there.

Beware of scams
If you buy your electric skateboard on a Chinese site for example, you are likely to be made to have you. Even if they are cheaper than on other sites, be careful. If not by the price, you can be ripped off by the quality of the product. Indeed Chinese batteries are flammable, the hoverboard is not up to European standards, you can have a 25% customs fee on delivery, and you have no guarantee and no contact in case of problems. And the same goes for sites that offer them between 1000 and 2000 euros. More expensive than average does not necessarily mean better quality. So prefer a trusted site with a customer service contactable. To buy a cheap one, do not hesitate to visit our “Hover board cheap" section (And they are even guaranteed two years).

Technical characteristics
• Maximum speed: it can go from 10 km / h for a child model to 25 km / h for a high-end model
• Supported weight: from 60 to 100kg
• Minimum age: 10 years for the mini skate model and 14 years for an adult model.
• Wheel size: between 11 and 25cm
• Power: up to 700 watts
• Distance with a load: from 10 to 30 km

Some hoverboards are sold as is, while others are sold with accessories. Including a storage bag (very practical, to wear your electric skateboard if the battery has dropped for example) or even a remote control. This will allow you, among other things, to lock your hoverboard and prevent anyone from using it (an alarm sounds if someone gets on it).
Built-in Bluetooth speakers
For music lovers, some models even have speakers built into the platform. You can connect your smartphone (or mp3) by Bluetooth to your smartboard and the music is emitted directly under your feet thanks to the speakers! No more gloomy trips, you will be able to move to the rhythm of your favorite music.

Design / color
The last feature we will present (but not least!) Is its design. The classic look (black hoverboard) is found in many models, but there are also special designs, such as a child model in white that has panda designs on the platform and wheels (too cute). Or, a white adult model with colorful patterns (see below) that throws it squarely.

Author's Bio: 

Michael John from California, US. is Tech geek, and writes extensively on tech product reviews.