It is normal for every individual to play a sport that he excels in. it is possible that he is playing a certain sport because he is an athlete. But you play not only because it is a career. Let’s say that you just love playing sports because you wanted to kill time. This means that you are occasionally or regularly playing because you want it as a recreational sport. You may sometimes keep to yourself, whatever that reason is. What actually matters when it comes to a sporty type of person is what he is wearing.

Who says that only athletes must put on appropriate clothes, shoes and accessories? Is it wrong to put on the right gears for your type of sport? Of course, it would be ideal for you to put on what is proper because this will boost your confidence as well as your gaming experience.

Look at those who are playing tennis. You usually put on the most comfortable and convenient clothes for this particular game. You just do not use a strong and sturdy racket. But you wear the best tennis shoes as well. You might be good at playing this kind of sport. But do you know that your shoes are a very important factor that may affect your game?

When you play tennis, you just don’t stand or walk. Most of the time, you have to run and hit the ball back to the opponent. Therefore, this means that your shoes matters. You cannot just use any type of rubber shoes because you have to make sure that this shoe will match with the type of floor or ground, where you will be playing. Now, how do you think will you choose the best tennis shoes to buy?

How do you play

What kind of player are you? Are you a serve and volley type of player? This is someone, who charges the net and then, slides his back foot when he serves the ball. Or are you a baseline player? This is a player, who usually plays along the back line.

If you are a serve and volley type, then your tennis shoes must be designed with a toecap. And then, baseline players must choose a pair of tennis shoe that comes with tons of lateral support as well as durable and tough sole. This is best for you, since you usually run a lot from one side to another side.

The Type of Surface

It is very important for you to determine the type of ground or surface, where you are going to play tennis. Do you know that the harder the surface is, the more durable your shoe’s sole must be? Are you going to play on the grass or concrete ground? The surface will determine the right shoes with the right sole.

If you are playing on a really hard surface, then it means that your shoe wears out faster. In this case, make sure that you will wear shoes with the most durable sole when playing on concrete. Now, if you will play on ground coated with grass, then your shoe must be designed with providing traction.

Now, if you will play on a ground that is made of clay, then your shoes must be designed with a herringbone style on the outer sole. While there are also pairs of tennis shoe that is designed for multiple surfaces. This can adapt to any type of ground.



Type of Foot

The most important factor to know is your type of foot because this will determine the amount of lateral support as well as the cushioning for your comfort and safety.

Individuals with supinated foot must select a shoe that is more flexible because the wear and tear is usually experienced around the toes and heels. If you have a pronated foot, then pick a stabilizing type of tennis shoe because the wear and tear is usually experienced around the front of the foot. Lucky are those with a neutral foot because any shoe fits them.

Cushioning Material Used

The last thing that you need to consider is the type of material used in the cushioning. Here you may choose the ones made with EVA and the PU.

When talking about the EVA type of material for the cushioning, it means that the material is lighter. Aside from that it is also more flexible. The downside is that it offers less durability and stability.

But then, if you would like to choose a material for cushioning, you may go with the PU. This means that the cushions would be more stable and durable. The downside is that it tends to have more weight. If you think that you can handle the weight and will not affect your gaming experience, then you may go for this type of cushioning material.

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