If you are planning setting up your tech startup, choosing the best tech stack is probably the first step towards its success. Tech stack is nothing but a combination of software tools and programming languages that come together to build a website or a mobile app, consisting of a backend and a frontend or also known as server-side and client-side, respectively.

Choosing a perfect technology stack for your startup might seem like a real challenge, especially when you are a non-technical founder. The simple way out would be to choose as per your personal preferences or previous experience.

However, this will only happen if you have a strong technology background or some experience in offering web development or iOS, android app development services.However, suggestions from your development team can be biased as they may recommend the tech stack in which they’ve built their expertise up on.

And, also the decision depends on a variety of factors including the type of product, your market and the business objective around it. Here are some guidelines and factors that will help you reach at the right decision.

Choose what you already know

Moving speedy is as important as using the latest and greatest technology. Therefore, you must choose using technology with which you are already familiar and experienced with rather than choosing the latest one and having to go through a learning curve to get things done.

Availability of resources

Before deciding, you must check out with your resources including the availability of talent and more. It can be difficult to search the experts to help you build it. Moreover, it can be much more expensive just because there is the shortage of people in that stack. Choosing the latest technology or language can result in high costs and difficulty to search the talent pool. It is always good to go for what is easily available in abundance. Also, enough or bigger support groups are required to help –just to make it easy to find solutions when issues arise.

Type of product

Which tech stack would be the perfect choice for you very much depends on the type of product you are developing? For example, the stack for a content-based or a marketplace product would be very different from that of a video conferencing app. Also, check out whether your product requires supporting high concurrency of users or high traffic? Are you into ecommerce website design? Is speed an important component? You can discuss these questions to your team and see what tech stack they recommend you.
Further, you can do some research and see what tools and technologies are generally used by other startups in that domain.

Don’t go for the buzzwords

Choosing the latest and popular tech stack may or may not help you with your needs. So, it is better to go for the proven tech stack that has been around for a while and proved its value.

There is no harm trying out the newest tech if you have a side project which you can sacrifice solely to that purpose, thus you can get to know new things and find what’s useful for you, but also what isn’t.

Your ability to find developers familiar with it

While choosing a tech stack, also make sure that you will find people without any difficulty. Because, with the growth of your startup, you will be requiring to hire more developers, ideally familiar with the tech you use. Therefore, if you choose the tech stack that is new and is not used by a wider group of developers, chances are you find it hard to hire a right person to join your team.

Long-term vendor support

To ensure your startup security and safety, you should go for a tech stack that has a long-term vendor support. As you never know the tech that seems legit now when it get closed suddenly - do you know the Parse case, many developers were using it but after a year they closed.
If you want to avoid the costly migrations, check if the tech you’re about to use has a proven, long-term vendor support.

Consider the community around it

The community has always proven a great support for beginners as well as experts, if someone get stuck with a problem, there may not be a better solution but to ask other developers for help - that’s how StackOverflow works.
However, if you have chosen a tech stack which is not familiar with many developers, the chances to get the answers to your question to become lower.

Does it match your needs?

Whether you offer asp net development services or any other service before, deciding a tech stack for your startup, you must keep in mind your business objectives, long-term goals, your audience needs, etc. Does your chosen tech stack help to achieve these goals and fit your needs? Answering these questions will help you choose a right tech stack for your startup.

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Mr. Rahul Mathur is the Founder and CEO of the ARKA Softwares. ARKA Softwares is a leading global IT solution, consulting firm and Top web / Mobile App Development Company. Rahul Mathur has been administrating the company since ARKA’s establishment, in 2010. He had several global leadership appearances. As well, he is a passionate writer. Today under his execution, ARKA Software is leading 250+ happy customers with 50+ employees in the global market.