Chronic daily headaches often make you sleepless. Picking the wrong pillows even worsens the case. It’s time to choose the best pillow for headaches to solve your problem. 

There is a wide variety of headaches causes, many of which. are related to sleeping postures. Then choosing the best pillow for headaches becomes a direct solution to your conditions. 

But why are the pillows so important?

A pillow helps you sleep in comfort as it aids in relieving the shoulders-across-neck pressure. The right pillows will provide the proper support for healing, blood flowing, and spinal alignment while you are sleeping. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the number of pillows available on the market? What is the best one for headaches? Let’s stay tuned with the article to know the answers. 

By what way pillows relieve headaches?

Imagine that you have any health problems currently. But, one day, you wake up with an irritating headache. How could it be? You do not know the reason why. 

Uhm, I have heard about that case so many times. Undoubtedly, the sleeping posture is the leading cause of this issue. 

Of course, it is not. A combination of improper position and nerve tension while sleeping may result in your aching head. 

You tend to change your postures while sleeping. You may sleep on your back, on your stomach 30 minutes later or on your side till waking up. No matter which position it is, your head and neck need a correct support angle. With poor support, the irritation for upper neck nerves is inevitable.

So, choosing right pillows for the right head-neck support is very important.

With too large and hard pillows

Too large pillows can place more stress on both neck and shoulder. Moreover, a part of them will be under your back and irritate your spine, too. 

Since the pillow supportiveness is not enough, the tension for your body will come as a result. The body must try to align the spine, but the pillow compresses the neck. All of them cause your headaches then. 

Another culprit behind your headache is hard pillows. They make your head, neck, and spine misaligned,  leading to the discomfort when you are lying. 

With right pillows

From the points above, you see that choosing the right pillows can help to control your headaches. It is a must to select the product with suitable thickness for your sleeping position. 

Right pillows considerably contribute to relaxing muscles in both neck and shoulders. Thanks to such comfort, the spine will not compress. It is the real potential for reduction of the optic nerve irritation. 

In addition to the pillow, you should try to upgrade your mattress as well. The new combination may reduce the frequency as well as severity of your headaches. 

Tips to choose the right pillows for headaches

To get the most suitable pillows for your headaches, there are two key elements to consider, including pillow types and price.

Pillow types

People divide pillows for headaches into three, namely contoured pillow, memory foam pillow, and buckwheat pillow.

Contoured pillow

I highly recommend this product for combination sleepers. I mean those who often change the sleeping positions at night. They can either lie on the back, stomach, or sides.

With this pillow, you will find an indented surface in the middle. When you sleep, the pillow will give more support for your back and raise your sides, too. 

Memory foam pillow

Wow! It is such a perfect pillow for people with headaches, especially migraine pain because of no gaps around your neck. So, it makes your spine relaxed and protects your shoulders from compressing too much. 

To get more softness, you should choose any items with a combination of shredded and solid memory foam or latex. They are especially useful if you have problems with allergies or respiratory at present.

Buckwheat pillow

Unlike other types, the buckwheat pillow does not come with any chemical smell. It is a blend of the natural smell, good temperature, breathability, support, and affordability. 

This type of pillow is highly recommended for side sleepers. For more detailed, lying on sides will expose your face to the pillow surface. 

In this case, you will need good air circulation. It protects you from the respiratory issue which may lead to the bad headaches.


For the price, how much can you spend on a pillow for headaches? 

A cheap product is likely bringing you the right feeling with your wallet. But you may lose the support, which causes your aching head to get worse later on. 

On the other hand, an expensive pillow often goes with high quality. A product with the high durability will prevent your headaches from being in trouble. 

Another point to mention is that well-made pillows tend to come from prestigious brands with reliable warranties. So, you can get a refund if you have any problem with the pillow. 

Never think that buying cheap pillows helps you save a lot of money. You are surely wrong if you have this thought. 

Let’s take my experience as an example. 

In about 2017, I chose a cheap pillow with no brand-name, which lasted only three months. It got torn after being washed for a few times. I had to spend more money to buy new ones immediately. I decided to try a costly pillow from a well-known company. Then, can you guess? Until now, that pillow is still my close partner. 

Final Thoughts

A wrong choice not only worsens your headaches but also disrupts your sleeping routine. Therefore, choosing the right pillow for headaches should always be your number one priority. 

In this article, I share what you need to know before choosing the suitable pillows for yourself. I hope that it will work for you and your conditions.. Don’t forget to let me know your choice or your experience by commenting in the box below. 

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