Gone are the days when the framing was only a piece of wood hanging down the wall. Framing the pictures is not just about being able to hang your picture up on the wall but it can create a different look altogether! A certain strategy falls behind the choice of the perfect picture frame that will do everything to enhance your picture as well as complement the ambience of the rooms’ interiors.

Several factors go into creating the perfect custom-made frame and believe it or not, they can be truly overwhelming to behold! Suppose you visit any online framing shop then you will get to browse through several frames, each differing in their style, colour and shapes. So what does one do when he/she gets so many options to choose from? We need to segregate our choices and take the help of some tips to fish out the best one for our needs:

  • The choice between wooden or metal frame:

At first, you will have to decide between the choices of a wooden or metal frame. According to the best picture framing online shop in Gold Coast, you must choose the one that complements the interior style of that particular room. You might be after a bohemian look or a minimalism lover, so make it a point to choose a frame that will complement your style, the art itself as well as the décor.

  • Selection of suitable frame colour:

When you go through the best picture framing online shop in Brisbane, then to your surprise you will come across 100’s of shades, each being a shade apart! So a pro tip suggests that your frame colour must coincide with any suitable colour that is shown in the picture you wish to frame. Doing this will give a feeling of continuity with the display.

However, you must not limit the choice of frame colour only to the piece of art but also widen its prospects depending on the space you wish to display it. Selecting the frame colour based on the tiny shade that matches with the picture will draw attention to the colour within the art but if you choose a shade apart or go by the colour wheel then choosing the 3rd complementary colour will be a great idea!

  • Create a dramatic effect:

For many people, a clean and simple piece of the frame without any hint of drama works but this is not the case with everyone. Considering the best picture framing online shop in Gold Coast will guide you in zeroing on a frame that creates a dramatic effect and draws all eyes to the framed display.

If the frame is all white and the picture complements black hues, then this opposite-coloured frame will add character to space and turn it into a very bold statement. So if you want to create an even bolder impact then go with the metal styled frames as they are easy on the budget and make space feel less cluttered.

Final thoughts: These days many aspects of a custom made frame must be considered in choosing the right one for your piece of art. A well-chosen frame will bring out the best in your artwork. Take heed of the above points to win over your next framing project.


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