For making your event enjoyable to the attendees getting a mobile bar at rent will be a good idea. With this, the drinks that are professionally made and delicious will be easily accessible by the guests.

You can see a lot of variation in the mobile bar quality. Sometimes, only drinks are offered by various mobile bars. If there are inexperienced bartenders in the staff then it is not good for the mobile bar companies.

Great variation can be seen in the mobile bar service as per the money that you pay for it.

Now I am going to tell you how to choose the best mobile bar hire for weddings.

See what is included in the mobile bars of various types

A dramatic variation can be seen in the mobile bar functionality and the equipment that it uses. When hiring a mobile bar, you need to consider a number of key factors:

What number of drinks will it serve?
For including a bartender, will it charge more money?
Spirits of which quality will it use?
Is there an availability of bar games?
Is it possible to change the bar’s appearance as per the
suitability of the occasion?
What types of cocktails will it serve?
What is the size of sinks and prep areas?

See if they are serving the drinks of your choice

Earlier only whiskey, coke, rum and beer were offered as traditional drinks by various bars at the events. But today the bars are serving drinks that are delicious and interesting. However, this change has not been adapted successfully by the operators of various mobile bars. You also need to see that the mobile bar that you hire serves craft beers, specialty gins and unique cocktails of your choice to the guests. You can see the variation in the ingredients’ quality.

Are they offering bars that are non-hosted or hosted?

Several options of hiring are offered by some vendors which are as follows:

Only Bar - There will be no drinks or bartenders here. You will get equipment only. If you want to serve the drinks then you need to arrange them.

Bar and Drinks - Here you will get the bar equipment as well as the drinks. For bartending you can allow a member of your family or your friend so that he can serve the drinks

A Mobile Bar That is Fully Staffed - Here you will get the bartender, equipment and the drinks.

Give proper consideration to the look of the bar

It is necessary that the bar matches the aesthetic of your occasion which can be a party or a wedding. With the use of aluminum, plastic, bamboo, timber and stainless steel, the mobile bars can be made. Your event may look great or simple as per the distinctive look of the materials of these kinds. See if according to your suitability a mobile bar is arranged by the vendor or not. Sometimes you are given a choice in which according to your event you can decorate the bar.

See if they give response to your requests quickly

You can get a lot of information about the business of the provider if they give quick responses to your requests. If they are a professional provider then within 1 or 2 hours, they will give a reply to your emails. Those who do not give you a quick reply are not the right ones and you need not waste your time with them.

Get a written statement

If in the written form the vendor provides you details then it is very good for you. A few written details are as follows:

The expected drinks that they will offer.
If at the right time they do not come then what will
What are their operating hours?
Number of hours for which the bartender will serve at
your event.
For the money paid what number of drinks will be served
at the event?
What are the payment details as well as the total cost?

Check their drinks after tasting them

You need to taste their cocktails before the event so that you can have an idea of whether the guests will like the drinks or not. If the bar hire fulfills all the above terms then go for hiring them.

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