Grilling is a great way to diversify your home menu, use less oil in your cooking, and keep your food as nutritious as possible. Barbecues and kebabs are not limited to outdoor picnics - there are many types of grill sets for home use.

How to choose a Grill for a house, cottage or apartment


When choosing an indoor grill, one cannot help but think about its dimensions. The smaller the room, the more compact the chosen model should be. Grill dimensions often depend on the type of fuel used:

  1. For a private home, a gas grill is anideal solution - fast, economical, and convenient. It will require gas in cylinders to work, but finding a place for it in a private house is much easier than in an apartment. Gas grills come in large, medium and small sizes.
  2. In the country, a portable wood or charcoal grill is usually used, and an installation that uses both solid fuel and gas is also a suitable option. Most charcoal grills are medium-
  3. The electric option will best take root in the apartment - most models of electric grills are compact in size, and they do not require space for storing fuel.

The best grill in your home would be one that cooks enough food for the whole family in one go. In each category, you can find equipment with a large, medium, or small work surface, but gas grills are the most diverse.


Indoor Grills: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Features


Typically, Indoor grills do not need a large capacity (fifty servings). In the foreground are:

  • Ease of use and storage
  • Ease of use
  • Cooking speed
  • Additional options

The most inconvenient option for working at home is a solid fuel grill. Coal and wood for it need to be stored somewhere, and with frequent cooking for fuel, you will have to allocate a separate room. Another difficulty is the long-term cleaning of equipment from ash and coals, which can easily and quickly spread throughout the house.

Electric grills are a recognized leader among home appliances. Small and convenient installations delight with a variety - you can pick up both expensive durable equipment and a cheap grill for a rented apartment, which you will not mind leaving when you move.

The gas grill occupies the middle line of the rating. It is not very convenient to work with gas cylinders, but in terms of cooking speed and fuel cost, such a grill outperforms an electric one.


What should be in an Indoor Grill

A home grill must be safe. The maximum degree of protection is provided by the use of an electric grill - working with it excludes possible problems with flammable fuels.

The grill can also contain:

  • Overheat protection;
  • Short circuit protection;
  • Fuel supply blocker;
  • Indicators of connection to the network and fuel supply;
  • Light indication at the high temperature inside the grill;
  • Sound notification.

Another step of protection is the grill body. The most durable and durable will be a metal case, but the plastic version will cost much less. With enough careful handling, the plastic case will “live” no less than the metal one, but you need to think in advance about possible threats to technology. For example, it is better to buy a more durable option if there are children at home, or the grill is often removed to the upper shelves or mezzanines.

A home grill should be convenient, so models with advanced functionality are in great demand. Only a power regulator must be present without fail, and additional options can be:

  • Built-in LCD display
  • Timer and delayed start function;
  • Adjustable leg height
  • Adjustable lid height and grill angle;
  • Option for heating and maintaining the set temperature;
  • A list of cooking modes for different types of products;
  • Pressure, temperature, and weight sensors;
  • Temperature probe.

Pay attention to the work surface of the grill. The simplest models are equipped with non-removable grilles that are not very convenient to clean. The best option for home use is a removable work surface. In some models, you can choose several grilles with different types of recesses.

Most food loses moisture during cooking and a lot of fat can be melted from meat. To drain liquids, most home grills have a special tray, which can be of two types:

The fixed drip tray cannot be detached from the grill and washed separately. It makes sense to use this option if the selected installation is easy to clean and the amount of liquid is relatively small.

The removable pallet is considered the most convenient. It is "set" on special guides, can be easily removed and inserted into place, besides, the removable element is much easier to wash.

Kebabs and barbecues are good not only for their wonderful taste and a lot of preserved nutrients - grilled food smells very good. But during cooking, the spread of smell, as well as hot air and smoke is better to stop. Therefore, the best option for a home would be a closed model with a tight-fitting lid.


When choosing a home grill, you need to focus on fuel, availability of free space, cooking volumes, and the desired level of comfort. In certain cases, gas and even solid fuel grills can be ideal options, but the electric grill remains the simplest and most versatile option for home use.

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