Heat set printing process is the fastest form of printing utilized these days. It is also considered the most efficient. As the term suggests, it involves heat as hot air is blown into the paper to let the ink dry at a quicker rate. The process involves getting the rolled paper sheet pass through an oven. The printer ensures that the oven maintains the right temperature at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat is monitored to make sure that any oil in the ink is removed, leaving the wax and the pigment. By using chill rollers, the wax is cooled until it sets and the pigment hardens.

Basically, there are two types of dryers – that one that uses open flame and another which utilizes high velocity hot air. High velocity dryers are now more commonly used than open flame ones. High velocity dryers are capable of blowing very hot air across the web in a more effective manner as exhaust ports allow the extra volume of air to be suck away along with the released solvents.

Looking for heat set printing services around Houston? Houston heat set printing companies are always in demand so here are some tips to help you out in choosing one:

• Make sure the printer is in the business for a good number of years. This ensures that they really know their way around in terms of printing materials. Being an expert in this field lets the company offer you with the best possible options and superb technical skills. Their expertise will assure you that your project is in good hands.

• Look for a printer that offers valuable discounts. This does not necessarily means that there should be a huge slash from the actual rate but rather it should be good enough to let you work around with your budget. The best Houston heat set printing company do not only focus on gaining huge profit but also aims to establish long-term working relationships with each client so they can get greater value for their money.

• Choose the one that offers after print services. There are Houston heat set printing companies out there that do not limit themselves to printing jobs alone. Some offer specialty printing and after print services in the form of cutting, folding and mailing print materials to their customers’ target market. This is a great advantage as it allows major clients to cut costs and save precious time since all the work is under one roof.

• In a nutshell, look for a Houston heat set printing provider that provides high quality prints, fastest turnaround period, excellent customer service, and reasonable price. You may also want to ensure that they are using the latest machines for printing.

Heat set web offset process is ideal for long printing jobs at high speed of up to 40,000 impressions per hour. This is best for the production of catalogs, magazines and other periodicals. Just make sure you know how to pick the right provider in your locale and you are good to go.

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