Benefits Of An Indoor Tent

The benefits of a grow tent are many; the reflective material on the inside of your tent will make sure that your plants receive the proper amount of light from your grow lights to boost the growth of your plants. The tent will control the temperature and humidity evenly throughout the space. Keeping the environment stable and keeping out pests and mold, will help cultivate a healthy harvest. The tent is designed to keep the light inside for the benefit of the plants, without the bright light permeating your home. These products facilitate protection for the plants as well as a quicker, healthier yield.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Tent

Items to consider when choosing a grow tent are numerous. There are several options available when choosing a tent, including; size, height, materials as well as kits and accessories to get you started. When it comes to the size, you will want to consider the space in your home where you will put it. If you are working with a small space, you will want to study the smaller products or the corner units. You will also want to consider what type of plant you are growing and the quantity you wish to accommodate in your space. As far as the height of your tent; many tents are standard in height, but adjustable tents are also available if need be (please see pictures of a few options). Choose the height of your tent to encompass the growth of your plants through maturity. Next, the material that your tent is made of will determine if the tent will need to remain indoors or if you are able to move it outside if you so desire. Most tents are made to remain inside, however, a higher quality, stronger material tent, may withstand the elements of the outdoors. Favorable tents will have a strong stitch as well as be bug resistant. Choosing a tent with or without accessories also an important factor. If this is your first purchase, selecting one with accessories included is a great way to go. The kits are built for the tent that it accompanies; making it is easier to set up and much quicker to get your plants started. Many products are all inclusive to help make the beginning stages easier and hassle free.

Methods to Grow Plants

There are two main methods to growing all types of plants, vegetation, herbs, flowers and marijuana.


Horticulture - the cultivation or processing of plants, fruits, vegetables and herbs in the ground, dirt or potting soil


Hydroponic - also known as Aquaculture, is a method of growing plants without soil. This method uses water and nutrients; the most commonly grown plants for this method include cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuces, peppers and marijuana.

Explore the best method to grow the type of product that you are working with.

What to Use Your Tent to Grow

Grow tents are the perfect way to grow all of your favorite plants, herbs, flowers, fruits or to use for hydroponic gardening. The use of soil for your plants, herbs, flowers and fruits is one way in which the tent can be used, but the hydroponic method (which is gaining popularity) is a great method for marijuana, hemp and CBD type plants. The hydroponic method of growing plants requires no soil or large area and is know to be without major maintenance. Using the correct amount of nutrients and minerals for the type of plant you are growing is key.

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