Disposable Underpads are gaining popularity these days as they are multipurpose underpads. They are popular because they can be used as bed pads, Non-Skid & Waterproof pads and are Skin-Friendly underpads. But, before you buy an underpad, there are certain things to check for to make sure that the underpad you choose is the best one for your needs:

◙ Absorbency: Check the package of the disposable underpads to ensure that the polymer concentration is high as it implies increased absorption ability which in turn means reduced leakage

◙ Breathability: Disposable underpads with a backing made of polypropylene ensures optimal dryness and breathability to prevent any rashes, irritation, or skin drying from occurring

◙ Adhesivity: Although not a must, adhesive backing is a central plus point that ensures the pad stays in place even if the patient moves around and thus prevents any form of spillage of fluids

◙ Size: Make sure to purchase a disposable underpad 30x36 that is bigger than the area you plan to lay it on to at least have ten extra inches of hanging over the bed or furniture on both sides

◙ Color: Although color depends on your preference, some companies tend to use color as an indicator for the type or absorption capacity of the underpad and thus should not be a definite deciding factor

◙ Strength: The strength of the backing of the disposable underpad is vital as sturdy pads are a necessity for patients that need to be transferred to the sheet to prevent spillage

What are alternative uses for disposable underpads?

Although disposable underpads are widely used to absorb bodily fluids so that it doesn’t stain or ruin beds and chairs, here are some of the other reasons that these underpads can be used:

◙ Protection: It can be used to protect floors or any furniture in your home from being damaged by any liquid or spillage. If the underpads are not adhesive, you can stick them to the surface to be protected using strong tape.

◙ Travel: Disposable underpads 36x36 can be stuck or placed on the floors or seats of cars or other vehicles to prevent any spillage from ruining the vehicle's interior during travel. This can be used for older adults or even for toddlers that tend to spill. Hence they are must in your checklist while traveling not only they are versatile in use but can be also used in the time of emergency.

◙ Changing tables: Disposable pads can be placed above changing tables used to change the baby's diapers or clothes to protect the bed or table from getting damaged or stained to save parents an extra step in the changing process

◙ Kitchen: Disposable underpads can be placed under sinks and on the floors of the kitchen to prevent any spillage from damaging the kitchen furniture and floors, especially if they are made of wood as liquid spills force the wood to warp faster

◙ Garage: Disposable underpads can be placed on the floors of the garage door while doing any maintenance work on the car or the garage door so that they prevent the grease or other liquids from spilling onto the floor.

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