Experts recommend advanced formulas when regular treatments for hair loss fail to work. For example, you may be using the best shampoo for hair loss, yet find no improvement in your condition. This indicates that your hair loss is due to some underlying cause. It is good to undergo a health checkup to rule out a possibility of some medical condition.

A big culprit for hair loss

One of the major reasons for unexplained hair loss is high levels of DHT in the body. Some people are too sensitive to this male androgen and experience abnormal hair fall. This is their genetic response.

DHT is found naturally in the body. It is produced from testosterone hormone by the enzyme, 5-alpha reductase. It is necessary to induce male characteristics. Women also have this hormone. DHT is important for healthy development of fetus and infants.

However, when you become too sensitive to DHT or when its level rises, it may induce hair loss in men and women. In this case, the best DHT blocker pills can come to your rescue. They inhibit the function of DHT-producing enzyme. Doctors advise against the use of these pills for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

You must consult a doctor before taking the pills, especially if you are suffering from some chronic medical condition.

How to choose a DHT supplement?

You can choose from the top 10 DHT blocker supplements available in the market. Buy them easily online at reasonable prices. Experts recommend undergoing a blood test to check the levels of DHT in your body. Supplements vary in their formulations. It is good to choose a formula that suits your case.

Are your DHT levels too high or slightly high? Is your hair loss severe or moderate?

Choice of the best DHT blocker pills also depends on your general health. If you are already suffering from conditions like erectile dysfunction or low levels of testosterone, it would not be advisable to take DHT blockers. Please consult your doctor before starting the supplements. DHT is essential for normal sex life, brain function, reduction of body fat, and increased lean muscle strength.

You must use DHT blockers only when DHT levels are too high or you are too sensitive to its presence. Use the pills as per instructions and avoid overdose. Make sure you supplement the treatment with good hair care habits, including nutritious diet and use of gentle, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

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